The town mayor and deputy town mayor are elected by their fellow councillors at the annual town council meeting, usually held during May each year, at the beginning of the new municipal year.

During the municipal year, the town mayor and deputy town mayor will undertake many civic engagements. They represent the town council at events, within the town, county and surrounding area.

Below is a list of the type of events attended by The Town Mayor:

  • Chairing the Town Council
  • Presenting flowers, from the Town Council to residents who are celebrating a special birthday or anniversary*
  • Attending Civic Services
  • Switching on the Christmas Tree Lights
  • Attending Remembrance Services
  • Judging Competitions
  • Meeting Young People at various clubs youth events**
  • Meeting More Mature Members of the Community at various clubs and events**
  • Presenting cheques following charity fundraising events
  • Opening the Carnival, Hemlock Happening, Fetes, etc.
  • Visiting Schools
  • Attending Civic Balls, Concerts etc

* If you would like the town mayor to visit a friend/relation who has a special birthday/anniversary coming up please contact the town clerk.

** If you would like the town mayor to visit your club for a special event or just to see what you get up to please contact the town clerk.

The Town Council is delighted to mark the following:

  • Wedding Anniversaries – 50, 60, 70 and more years.
  • Birthdays – 90, 100 and more years.