Mayor Notes March 2019

Mayor’s notes

I was petrified. Folk say that I don’t look it, but inside my guts are on spin speed. Of course, public speaking comes with the territory, but it’s not something that is easy to get used to. And what do I say? Recently, at the Town’s Civic Service (many thanks to all of you that made this happen) I was asked to outline what a Mayor does and had to find a unifying theme for this whilst celebrating our town.

What came to me was our Garden Competition: a joy to judge, except the difficulty in picking the winners. As you can see from the photograph, the Mayoral transport is both green and cheap, I cycled 43km around Stapleford in last year’s glorious sunshine.

What I would find in most cases was a house front, with perhaps a tub or basket to give a clue of what lay beyond. An equally reserved welcome by the occupant, then I would be led into a glorious garden where literally the true colours of the garden and the gardener’s personality would be revealed.

Of course, this is often the British way: a cool exterior with a deep character. This attribute was reflected in the events I attended. There are folk in Stapleford that do not seek recognition, yet will be consistently giving to others, or encouraging our young people to be their best, they deserve the council’s thanks. It is all too easy to judge Stapleford by it’s occasionally scruffy cover and the antics of the moped lads, but that would be a mistake. The great majority of our youth, and the selflessness of the people I’ve met reveals a beating, vibrant heart to our town.

So, back to the gardens. Look at the pictures, they give you hope for the summer: I am writing this during storm Gareth, so it seems a long way to go. But I know that gardeners will be planning their plots, do you reckon you could do better?

Please complete an entry form for 2019 Garden Competition, return your entry form to: Town Clerk’s Office, Carnegie Civic & Community Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford, Notts. NG9 8EY or email:

You can enter as many categories as you wish.



Bob Browne