Respond by 21 Dec 2018 – Your say on HS2 in Stapleford

  • HS2 are proposing to close the Sandiacre Bridge for 18 months
  • HS2 responses HAVE to be in by 11.45PM on December 21st.
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Points for concern:-

  1. Closure of B5010 Bridge between Derby Road, Stapleford and Station Road, Sandiacre.

Not only would the 15-month closure of this bridge would cause major disruption and it would seem totally unfeasible to carry out this work online. This bridge is used by the i4 bus between Nottingham and Derby and the 15 between Long Eaton & Ilkeston. There are no suitable diversions, and this would effectively cut off the Town Centre. Plans need to be put in place either for a new temporary bridge or for a tunnel. It is not practicable for work on the bridge to be carried out online, there needs to be an arrangement for work on the bridge to be carried out offline. It is recognised that this could cause increased loss of property. Whilst the idea of a tunnel would be ideal it is acknowledged that this may not be possible engineering-wise, and the cost could be prohibitive.

  1. Other traffic considerations
  2. Large amounts of construction traffic along Derby Road, Stapleford with its present traffic calming measures (speed humps) would lead to deterioration of air quality and we would request an independent air quality survey and that continual monitoring take place during the construction phases.
  3. The traffic lights at The Roach will probably need re-alignment. The left turn form Toton Lane into Derby Road is not suitable for large construction vehicles. There is a weight restriction of 18 ton.
  4. The other route for construction vehicles via Moorbridge Lane does not seem satisfactory. There are concerns as to whether the bridge on this road, which crosses the river, railway and canal, is suitable for continual use by construction traffic. The bridge itself is very old, of a humpback design and very narrow. There needs to be serious consideration as to whether this route is satisfactory.
  5. Heavy construction traffic continually going over humps on Derby Road could lead to damage to the foundations of properties in the vicinity.
  6. Consideration needs to be given to building a road from the traffic island at Banks Road, near to junction with Epsom Road down to the station. This could give an alternative route for traffic in the event of closures on the A52 due to the inevitable traffic accidents.
  7. Compensation Packages
  8. The present compensation packages are inadequate. Market value + 10% for the properties involved would not be enough to buy properties in the area ( at present new build affordable housing in the area is £250,000), so the level of compensation needs to be re-considered, in the light of availability of housing in the area.
  9. There needs to be measures put in place to compensate businesses for loss of trade BEFORE work starts. It is no good offering compensation to businesses once they have gone out of business.
  10. The pink area does not seem sufficient and needs to be increased on the Stapleford side. It seems likely that more properties than at present indicated are likely to be affected. Re-appraisal of this area is needed.
  11. Flood Risk
  12. Section 15.4.45 and 15.4.46 State that there is a significant flood risk on the River Erewash floodplain north of the B5010 Derby road associated with the development but that it is anticipated that it should be possible to develop a means of mitigating these impacts.
  13. Increasing the height and width of the existing flood bank in Stapleford is a sensible option to put forward. This also creates the opportunity to create a cycle path and pedestrian access along the bank extending to the top of Bessel lane as proposed in the Stapleford neighbourhood plan. These works would then be funded by HS2.
  14. The drainage ditch leading to Mill farm has recently been partially cleared of debris and vegetation. It is important to maintain this ditch during and after the development as areas such as Trowell Park housing estate already have frequent issues with flooding. It is important to determine who is responsible for this as there are multiple organisations involved and to ascertain any possible impact from the work on HS2.
  15. Working Hours

Are HS2 confident that they can stick to the hours suggested once work has started?

  1. Information Centre

There is a need for an information centre in the town, where up-to-date information is available both regarding changes to the proposals and possibilities of employment. One of the empty shops could be used for this purpose. There will be a number of jobs lost due to various industries having to re-locate from the Bessell Lane area (probably up to 1,000).