Pegasus Youth Football Club Fundraising to Purchase A Defibrillator

Come and join Pegasus Youth Football Club as the under 7’s and 9’s compete in a Football Tournament on Saturday, 16th June 2018 10. 00a.m-1.30a.m. at the Pitches accessed from Pastures Road, Stapleford; to raise funds to purchase a DEFIBRILLATOR which will be available for use by the club and the local community.

There will be lots going on at this fun-filled event. As well as the football tournament, which will follow a league format with medals for all players; there will be a bouncy castle, BBQ/refreshments, and games for all ages.

Why a Defibrillator?

Cardiac Arrest can strike anyone, with or without a history of heart disease and it is not just the couch potatoes who are at risk.

May I tell you of the young man of 25 who collapsed following a run with his Running Club? Super fit has a pb of under 20mins for 5k runs.   No history of heart disease. However,  following a run, collapsed with a cardiac arrest and had to be shocked back; in fact, was told he would not have survived had he not been an athlete.

Immediate action was taken by members of his Running Club, East Midlands Ambulance Service, QMC and the wonderful ITC and Trent Cardiac Units at Nottingham City Hospital and he survived. Hopefully to return to running and participating in other sports.

Attending an event, be it as a player, competitor or supporter YOU could experience a cardiac arrest the presence of a DEFIBRILLATOR could save your life.  

Come along on the 16th and join the Deputy Town Mayor and Pegasus Youth Football Club raise the money to purchase a defibrillator, which, hopefully, will never be needed but is available when the unthinkable happens.   

For information re heart disease go to: