Pegasus Youth Football Club Tournament

Twelve junior football teams took part in a tournament to have fun and raise money towards the cost of a community defibrillator.

Peatfield Park is isolated from the other community defibrillators and given the number of young and old using the park’s facilities the clubhouse would be an ideal spot to house a defibrillator.

Left: Pegasus, have a ‘huddle prior to taking the pitch. While right Stapleford Town discusses tactics.

It was not all about football, there was the opportunity to meet a ‘parrot’ with MJS Parrot Rescue, play on the bouncy castle and eat ice cream. Pegasus ran a delicious buffet and all participants received a medal.

Cllr John Longdon, the local NCC representative, made an award of £350 from his Divisional Fund (below) and the Town Council is delighted to support this project with a further £300. With private donations, this hopefully brings the total up to the £1,000 necessary to purchase this community defibrillator.