Town Council Meeting – 25/11/2016

Present Councillors:

Cllr R Darby              Cllr Mrs J C Goold              Cllr I Lawton              Cllr Mrs S Roome

Cllr Mrs C Bollen     Cllr D Grindell                      Cllr J McGrath          Cllr Ms J Townend.

Cllr P Ensor              Cllr E B Hull                         Cllr D Pearson

Cllr Mrs S Ensor       Cllr R MacRae                     Cllr C Rice


84/2017         Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: A Britton, R Browne, Mrs A J Hull and J Longdon.


85/2017         Declarations of interest


Councillors: R Darby, Mrs J C Goold, E B Hull, J McGrath and Ms J Townend declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments.

Councillors: R Darby, Mrs J C Goold, R MacRae, J McGrath and C Rice declared an interest regarding any matter relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillor: R MacRae declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Centre Team.

Councillors: R MacRae and J McGrath declared an interest in item 13 Section 137 Funding as they had both been actively supporting the Onwards and Upwards project, which had applied for Section 137 Funding.

Councillors: R Darby and C Rice declared an interest in item 13 Section 137 Funding as they had both been actively supporting the Annexe Project at St Helen’s Parish Church.  Councillor R MacRae also declared an interest as a relative was a member of this church‘s congregation.


86/2017         Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 14th October 2016


The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 14th October 2016 were approved and signed by the Town Mayor with the following amendment.


With the following amendment: Councillor Grindell informed the Meeting that under Minute number 76/2017 he had asked that the work of the Town Clerk and her staff be noted in their attempts to deal with the issues raised by the computer problems. These comments had been omitted and he asked that they be noted as he felt strongly that the staff should be recognised for their work.


It was agreed that that Councillor Grindell’s comments be noted.


87/2017 Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council


The Town Clerk reported that she had received a request from Onwards Upwards to address this Meeting.  However, the representative of the Project was unable to attend until 7.15p.m. and she had requested that this item be taken later in the proceedings of this Meeting.

It was agreed that on this occasion, this item would be taken immediately prior to item 13 on the Agenda: Section 137 Funding.


Town Council:13.01.17                                                                                                       Document 1:2

                                                                                                                             Page 3029 

88/2017          Mayor’s Engagements


The Town Clerk drew Member’s attention to the Village Ventures event held on 20th October 2016 and thanked James Laverty Music for once again running the sound desk and Front of House services on the evening in question.  This had been a great evening of entertainment and she recommended the next event on 8thDecember 2016: ‘Shoo Shoo Baby’s Christmas Party’ it was noted that tickets were still available.


Overall the Town Clerk was pleased with how the Remembrance Events had been executed and the feedback from Members of the public had been very positive. The Town Clerk thanked Councillors: P Ensor, Mrs S Ensor, Mrs A Hull, I Lawton, D Pearson and Dr B Laverty for their assistance as stewards at the Remembrance Sunday Services. She also thanked Mr C Warren, who played the Trumpet, and James Laverty Music, who played the djembe, at the 11th of November Service.


Both Services were very well attended with over 150 people turning out on the 11th of November and over 500 individuals being present on the Walter Parker VC Square for the Remembrance Sunday Service.  The Town Clerk further thanked Revd. P Huxtable from St Helen’s Parish Church, who led the Service, the Salvation Army for its support and Town Council Staff.


Given the number of people attending this event it was now seen as necessary to hire a pa system to assist with the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month event and stewards will be required in 2017. The Town Clerk was distressed to inform the Meeting that both Town Council staff and volunteer stewards had been subjected to abuse from members of the public due to the road closure to enable the Remembrance Service and while this is unacceptable it proves the need more stewards to assist at the Remembrance Sunday Service in 2017.  In particular there was a need for two stewards at Halls Road, with local knowledge.


However, there had been one glitch when an inexperienced Borough Councillor had nearly caused an incident during the Wreath Laying. The Town Clerk had discussed this matter with the Chief Executive and Civic Office of Broxtowe Borough Council and they had agreed, on this occasion, to treat this matter as a fault due to the individual concerned lack of experience.  In order that this does not happen again and to further clarify this matter Members were asked to note that the order of precedence for wreath laying was: (If in attendance the Monarch or delegated representative e.g. Lord/Deputy Lord Lieutenant) The Town Mayor, The Mayor of Broxtowe/or Representative, Local M.P. /or Representative, Local County Councillor, Political Parties, then others e.g. Veterans, Uniformed Organisations, Community Groups etc. The Town Clerk had spent considerable time checking this order of precedence and she trusts that this would be the end of this discussion as it was time consuming and wasting.  Further, Members were asked to note that the planning that goes into this event considers the health and safety issues associated with the wreath laying part of the Service and that the logistics of moving individuals safely back and forth across the Walter Parker VC Square.


Councillor MacRae requested that the order of wreath laying be published and the Town Clerk would ensure that this matter was noted in the Minutes and that it was published with the information for Remembrance 2017. It was requested by Councillor Grindell that those involved in the event were thanked and particularly the Town Clerk for her commitment to this particular event.


The Town Clerk requested that Members note the events as listed on the Town Mayor’s Engagements.


Town Council: 13.01.17                                                                                                     Document 1:3

                                                                                                                                     Page 3030


Councillor R MacRae declared an interest in the following item.


89/2017         Town Centre Management Team (TCT)


The Town Clerk reported that no Meeting of this group had taken place since the last Town Council Meeting.


Councillors Mrs Goold and MacRae informed the Meeting that due to staff reorganisations at Broxtowe Borough Council it was not known which officer/officers would be responsible for this group in the coming financial year.


It was noted that Broxtowe Borough Council was considering funding free Wi-Fi in the Stapleford Town Centre Area


The Town Clerk was instructed to maintain this item on the Agenda for future Meetings.


90/2017          Christmas Lights – Feedback


The Town Clerk reported that the Christmas Lights event was taking place on 26th November 2016 and that the organisers, Liberty leisure (for Broxtowe Borough Council) were using the Carnegie Centre as its Hub and that if any individual Councillors wished to assist at the event they should  make themselves known to the officers stationed at the Carnegie Centre.


Councillor Grindell informed the Meeting that he was looking forward to the event. The Town Mayor, together with the Mayor of Broxtowe and selected individuals would be on hand to Switch on the Lights.


A debrief of this event would be held and the Town Clerk would report back to the next Meeting of the Town Council regarding this matter as part of the budget presentation.


91/2017         Neighbourhood Planning



The Town Clerk reported that the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group had met and discussed a number of issues it wished to include within the Neighbourhood Plan.  Sub Groups were working on various distinct areas and reports, would be brought back to the main Steering Group for discussion and incorporation into the main scheme. .


It was noted that the Town Clerk had reported to this Steering Group re the presentation by Mr Ken Mafham, (an independent planning consultant, who was currently working with both Kimberley and Greasley on their respective Neighbourhood Plans) and attended by representatives of both the Town Council and Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group.


Members note that both Councillors MacRae and Pearson had had contact with Mr Mafham by association with STRAG and its involvement with the Core Strategy.


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was enthusiastic re the possibility of engaging Mr Mafham to assist it with producing the Neighbourhood Plan.  It was noted that the Steering Group felt it could produce the content for a draft submission. However, it would need fine tuning of such material to meet the requirements in planning terms. At its Meeting the Steering Group had discussed the relative time scales and what its perceived requirements were and given the time scale required to go out to tender for consultancy services and it did not feel it would need extensive advice, it was asking the Town Council to engage Mr Mafham to assist with this process.


Town Council:13.01.17                                           Document 1:4
Page 3031




It was noted that the Planning Department at Broxtowe Borough Council had also confirmed it would offer advice if required and that the Town Clerk had spoken with both the Chief Executive and Planning Officers re the possible engagement of Mr Mafham.


Following discussion, it was agreed that the Town Council would sanction the employment of Mr Mafham to carry out consultancy services for the Neighbourhood Plan up to a maximum of £1,500.


92/2017          Site Allocation Workshop-Broxtowe Borough Council


The Town Clerk reported that together with Councillor Pearson she had attended the Sites Specific Workshop hosted by Broxtowe Borough Council. This event had also been attended by Cllrs: J Longdon and R MacRae in their capacity as Broxtowe Borough Councillors.

It was noted that the event had focused very much on Bramcote and the potential development associated with the Bramcote School area. However, the identified space near/adjacent to Bramcote Crematorium and the area on Coventry Lane, which are in Stapleford were recognised as areas that could be sacrificed, if necessary, to prevent further encroachment on the greenbelt.

The results re this current consultation on Site Allocation for Potential Development was likely to be published early in 2017. Cllr Pearson asked that it be noted that the Head of Bramcote School and the consultant acting on behalf of the Federation were surprised that the Field Farm development had not kept the top section of the site as part of the wildlife corridor.

93/2017          HS2


It was noted that the decision on HS had been published and that the hub adjacent to Toton Sidings had been confirmed.  The new consultation documents re the changes to the original consultation documents were available from the Town Clerk.  However, it looked as if the only, actual changes affecting the Stapleford area were: the relocation of the station nearer to Long Eaton and the proposal for a new junction off the A52.


There did not d appear to be any proposals to improve either the Bessel Lane access or the road bridge over the railway that forms the border between Stapleford and Sandiacre, at Derby Road.  Councillor McGrath informed the Meeting that he was aware that some of the businesses directly adjacent to the railway had received compulsory purchase orders.


The consultation period for this matter runs until 9th March 2017 and it was agreed to continue this matter to a future Agenda in the hope that more details re the possible impact on the Town would be available for discussion.


Councillors:  R Darby, Mrs J Goold, E B Hull and J McGrath declared an interest in the following item.


94/2017         Allotments


The Town Clerk introduced her report requesting that Members take decisions re the charges for allotments in 2018/19 and other essentials, as detailed in the report, at this Meeting to enable all relevant material to be despatched with the new tenancy agreements at the end of December 2016.


Town Council:13.01.17                                            Document1:5
Page 3032




Following discussion, it was agreed that:


  1. Due to the high level of vacancy on the Albany, Bessel Lane and Peatfield sites plots may be let to individuals’ resident outside of the Town and that an individual may rent more than one plot on these sites only.


  1. The Town Council will continue with the policy re Community Projects as listed in the report.


  • There will be no increase to the rental or water charges for plots for the financial year 2018/19.


  1. Bonfires on allotment sites would be allowed on 4th November 2017 ONLY.


  1. It was noted that the Town Clerk would be meeting with Broxtowe Borough Council re the issues affecting the cutting of the Bessel Lane site hedges and hopefully a solution can be found to the problems re this matter.


  1. The need for fencing works at the Albany site were being investigated.


95/2017         Reply to: Councillor R Jackson, Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council

RE: Nottinghamshire County Council Town Centre Regeneration Programme


The Town Clerk requested that Members note the letter sent and email exchange between herself and Councillor Richard Jackson, Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council; regarding the Nottinghamshire County Council Town Centre Regeneration Programme.  She informed Members that to date she had not received a reply to this letter.


Councillor MacRae was thanked for raising this matter at the last full Council Meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council.  It was noted that the rules governing Meetings of the full Council at Broxtowe Borough Council only allow for one Councillor to ask a question on any one issue and that Councillor MacRae had asked this question on behalf of the Town’s Borough Councillors.


The Leader of the Town Council was not satisfied with the email reply received from Councillor Jackson in reply to Councillor McRae’s question, and felt that the comments were most unsatisfactory.   He was of the opinion that the Town Council deserved a much fuller explanation of why the other Town Centres in Broxtowe, particularly Stapleford, had been excluded from this round of bidding for funding.


It was noted that the Leader of the Town Council had offered to meet with Councillor Jackson to discuss this matter and that previously Councillor Jackson had been invited to a Town Council Meeting but had declined the invitation.


Councillor Mrs Goold was most unhappy regarding this situation and following a discussion it was agreed that the Town Clerk would write once again to Councillor Jackson regarding this matter and that Councillor Mrs Goold would hand deliver this letter and emphasise the importance that the Town Council be placed on the urgent need to regenerate the Town Centre of Stapleford.

This item would be maintained on the Agenda for the next Meeting of the Town Council.



Town Council:13.01.17                                            Document1:6
Page 3033



As previously agreed this item was moved to this point in the Meeting.


96/2017         Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council


Ms S Cormack of Onwards and Upwards made a short presentation informing Members of the work being carried out by the project and of her vision for future growth. She further invited Councillors to two Open Days being run by the Project on 12th and 16th of December 2016 to find out more about the scheme.


At this point in the proceedings the Deputy Town Mayor, Councillor C Rice, relinquished the Chair to the Town Mayor who had just arrived following a Civic Engagement.


Councillors: J McGrath and R MacRae declared an interest in the following item as they had been assisting the Onwards and Upwards Project.


Councillors: R Darby and C Rice declared an interest in the following item as they attended St Helen’s Parish Church.  Councillors R MacRae informed the Meeting that his mother attended St Helen’s Parish Church. However, this was not deemed pertinent.


97/2017         Section 137 Funding        


Onwards and Upwards (On-Up)

There was considerable discussion re the fact that this project was being run as a Social Enterprise.  For information re this matter and the funding situation the Town Clerk had contacted several colleagues in both the Association of Local Council Clerks and Broxtowe Borough Council regarding this matter.  However, of the individuals she contacted, no one had received a similar request.

The Town Clerk advised the Meeting to look carefully at this application and to take particular note of how it felt the application served the residents of the Town. Following full and frank discussion it was agreed to look at this and any further applications from Social Enterprises on such applications individual merit.

Members carefully examined how this project would serve the local community and the need for such a project in the Town. Further it looked carefully at the information provided in the report and reflected on the specifics supplied by Ms Cormack in her presentation to this Meeting.


to award £500 to Onwards and Upwards (On-Up) for the purposes of assisting with the cost of creating a Kitchen area at its premises in Whiteley Mill, Stapleford.

St Helen’s Parish Church


Members noted the history behind this application and that in 2015 the Town Council had intimated that it would consider further requests from St Helen’s towards this Project in 2015.


Following discussion, it was;



Town Council:13.01.17                                            Document1:7
Page 3034



to award £300 to St Helen’s Parish Church towards its Annexe Project.

The Town Council has fully supported this project and in November 2015 made an award of £500   towards this scheme and given the importance of this proposal to not only the Church but to the wider community, it was agreed that the Town Council would entertain further requests for assistance with the creation of the new community annex and that each application would be considered independently.


Please note the Town Council had previously contributed towards works to:  the Church Tower, re-roofing the Memorial Chapel and refurbishment of the main church building.


98/2017         Correspondence


  1. Post Office: Stapleford Post office, Proposed Move to New Premises and Branch Modernisation – Consultation


This item engendered considerable debate and following full and as a result of full and frank discussion the following points were noted:


  1. While a number of Councillors expressed their concern regarding the proposed move to new premises of the Post Office, Bargain Booze; the Leader of the Town Council pointed out, for information, that there were already 20 Post Office’s situated within Bargain Booze premises.


  1. Councillors McGrath and MacRae were distraught because the Post office had not offered any other businesses in the Town the opportunity to bid to host the Post Office within their premises.   (There ensued a discussion re the franchisee situation surrounding Post Offices on the wider High Street and the fact that businesses/individuals interested in hosting a Post Office needed to register online with the Post Office to be considered for this type of franchise.)


  • Councillor MacRae raised the issue of individuals who belonged to particular religions which did not allow their members to drink alcohol. There was some discussion re whether or not this discriminated against such individuals. However, it was noted that where the Post Office was situated within major High Street supermarkets, alcohol was available to purchase. Mention was also made of a number of religions that objected to Sunday Trading.


  1. Councillor Mrs Bollen was extremely concerned regarding the access and egress to Bargain Booze. She stated that individuals using, wheelchairs and baby buggies had difficulty accessing the current Post Office building and she felt that the premises occupied by Bargain Booze would not offer any improvements for wheelchair or baby buggy users.


  1. Councillors McGrath and MacRae had met with the Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council and the local MP and representatives of the Post Office regarding their concerns regarding this matter. A letter objecting to the proposal and requesting the Post office to offer the franchise to other local businesses had been written from the MP’s Office.


Town Council:13.01.17                                            Document1:8
Page 3035



  1. It was noted that the Town Council had not been invited to this meeting. They further informed the Meeting that two separate petitions against the proposed move of the Post Office to Bargain Booze had attracted around 600 signatures.


  • Mention was also made of concerns, for recovering alcoholics if the Post office was re-positioned within Bargain Booze. Councillors McGrath, MacRae and Mrs Bollen in particular felt it was inappropriate to site a Post Office within premises that sold alcohol.


  • The Town Council did not wish to see Stapleford Town Centre area left without a Post Office.

It was agreed that the Town Clerk should reply to the consultation informing the Post Office of Town Council’s concerns re access and egress to Post Office premises and asking that wherever the Post Office was relocated to, that there was sufficient access/egress for wheelchair users and baby buggies to be wheeled in and out of the premises.

Further it was agreed that the Town Clerk should mention in the submission that the Town Council was aware of the petition against the move to Bargain Booze and that individuals who were adherents of particular religions, who forbade their followers to partake of alcohol, had raised their concerns regarding this proposed relocation.

However, it was essential that the Town Council’s point that the Post Office should be maintained in the Town Centre area was also stated.

  1. Broxtowe Borough Council – Field Farm – The Town Clerk had been informed that the Planning Inspectorate had confirmed the date for the appeal procedure as 13 December 2016.


This matter was noted.


Councillors: R Darby and R MacRae declared an interest in the following applications.


99/2017                      PLANNING   Applications           


  1. 16/00732/ROC Variation of condition 3 of planning permission 15/00285/FUL to allow for retail d store to be open to customers prior to completion of all dwellings on the site-Pinfold Trading Estate &Nags Head, Nottingham Road, Stapleford.


This application engendered considerable discussion and Members considered the impact the recent closure of the Co-op Store in the Town Centre was having on the Town. It was felt that it was unusual that a company as large as Aldi could not organise the construction of the ten residential units on the site and The Leader of the Town Council was concerned that if the variation was allowed these housing units would never be built and the Town would be left with a piece of derelict land blighting the area.


Following discussion, it was agreed that the Town Council wished to see Aldi construct and open its store as soon as possible and regarding this matter it would be content to see a variation that allowed for the construction of the store to commence, with the proviso that the housing units were built no longer than 12 months after the opening of the store.

Town Council:13.01.17                                            Document1:9
Page 3036




The Town Clerk was instructed to send a full Minute Reference to Broxtowe Borough Council regarding this variation.


  1. 16/00748/OUT Outline application to construct two dwellings, including demolition of an attached garage and alterations to access driveway to facilitate the proposal (with some matters reserved). 29, Toton Lane Stapleford.


Members considered this application and had no objections to the proposal.


  1. 16/00777/FUL Change use from outbuilding to micro brewery, 9 Lime Grove, Stapleford


Members were very concerned regarding this application. The Leader of the Town Council was not impressed by the quality of the plans and the lack of technical details on them and he wished o complain to Broxtowe Borough Council regarding this lack of detail and quality and felt that these plans should not have been accepted with regard to this application and that the Planning Authority should have asked for more professionally produced plans/specifications regarding this matter. It was also noted that the buildings were already on site and that the micro brewery was already in operation.


Councillor Lawton had been contacted by residents who lived adjacent and near the premises concerned and they were worried with regard to noxious smells originating on the premises and making it difficult for them to use their gardens.  It was further note that Councillor Lawton had been informed that there was already a large flue constructed on site.


Councillor Lawton was advised to recommend to the constituents, who had contacted him to write direct to Broxtowe Borough Council with their complaints as well as the Town Council taking them on board, when considering this application.


It was agreed that the Town Council would object to this application due to:


  1. This application should not have been for change of use but retrospective change of use as the premises was already being operated as a microbrewery.


  1. The inconvenience being caused to neighbours through this industrial process being carried out in what was a residential area. It was felt by the Meeting that there are a number of industrial units on several sites within the Town that could be utilised for this purpose, rather than carrying out the brewing process in a back garden area.


The Town Clerk was instructed to send a full minute reference to Broxtowe Borough Council and request that the Enforcement Officer and Environmental Services investigate the source of the noxious smells.


100/2017       Items For Future Agenda


It was noted that the next scheduled Meeting of the Town Council would primarily examine and decide the Budget for 2017/18.  No items were requested for future Agenda at this Meeting.


101/2017       Payments


Payments were noted.


102/2017       Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Town Council would be held on Friday, 13th January 2017, commencing at 7.00 p.m. at the Carnegie Centre.


The Meeting was reminded that this date had been altered from 6th January 2017, to allow for as much information as possible to be available re the budget process.


Members are invited to join the Town Mayor for Sherry and Mince Pies at the end of this Meeting to mark the commencement of the Festive Season