Agenda 30th November 2018

Dear Councillor,

Town Council Meeting 30 November 2018

You are hereby summoned to a Meeting of the Town Council to be held on Friday 30 November 2018 at 7:00p.m. in the Carnegie Centre.

If for any reason you are unable to attend this Meeting please inform the Town Clerk as soon as possible. Please note that apologies will only be reported to the Town Council if they are received by the Town Clerk in writing prior to the commencement of the meeting.

pastedGraphic.pngPLEASE NOTE;- the Town Clerk would like to invite you to a sherry and mince pie after the meeting as a pre – Christmas celebration. pastedGraphic.png

Yours sincerely

Isobel Greenhalgh
Town Clerk

AGENDA 30.11.18

  1. Apologies for absence

(The Town Clerk will report any apologies for absence she has received in writing prior to the start of the meeting.)

  1. Declarations of interest

(Members will be invited to declare any interests they may have on any item to be
discussed at the meeting. They will also be advised that should it become apparent to any
Member during the meeting that they do have an interest in a particular item they should alert the Chair and the Town Clerk immediately.)

  1. Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 19 October 2018
  2. Actions from previous minutes – Town Clerk
  3. Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council – none
  4. Neighbourhood Planning – presentation by Ken Mafham
  5. Broxtowe Part 2 Local Plan Examination – verbal update KM / Councillor DP
  6. Local Government Reorganisation – Councillor DP
  7. HS2 update
  8. Traffic and Highways Issues in Stapleford

(This item is maintained on the Agenda for Members information)


  1. Planning Applications

Application Details – Ref: 18/00709/FUL

Application Details
Applicant: Mrs G Heigh
Site Address: 96 Derby Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 7AD
Proposal: Change of use from shop (Class A1) to a ballet school

(Class D2)

  1. Mayor’s Engagements

November 2018

Friday 23rd November


St John’s C of E Primary School, Stapleford

Poster Competition

Town Mayor
Saturday 24th November

Victoria Street Car Park & Walter Parker VC Memorial

4.30pm – 6.30pm

Stapleford Christmas Lights Switch On Town Mayor
December 2018
13th December 2018 11.30 for lunch at 12.30. St. Helens Church Hall Town Mayor
March 2019
Sunday 3rd March 2019


Civic Ceremony

Eaton Road Methodist Church

Town Mayor


APRIL WPVC Memorial date to be confirmed

MAY 17th Annual Town Council Meeting

  1. Correspondence – please request by email if you wish to see the item
  • Stapleford – FINAL 2018/ 2019 costed action plan
  1. Section 137 Request – Stapleford Town FC
  2. Allotments – verbal update – Town Clerk
  3. Payments (To note the payment schedule.)
  4. Date of next meeting.

The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on 11 JANUARY 2019 at 7.00 pm. Please note this is a budget meeting only other items will only be included if they are extremely important or urgent.

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