Agenda 6th September 2019

  1. Apologies for absence

(The Town Clerk will report any apologies for absence she has received in writing prior to the start of the meeting)

  1. Declarations of interest

(Members will be invited to declare any interests they may have on any item to be discussed at the meeting. They will also be advised that should it become apparent to any Member during the meeting that they do have an interest in a particular item they should alert the Chair and the Town Clerk immediately.)

  1. Minutes from previous meetings
  2. Full Council Meeting 26th July 2019
  3. Traffic & Transport Meeting 19th July 2019
  4. Co-option to the Vacant Seat in Stapleford North

Members are asked to consider the written applications which have been received from:

  1. Kashmir Purewal
  2. Pip Hallam-Davies
  3. Ross Bofinger

Voting shall take place in accordance with standing order number 32 ‘VOTING ON APPOINTMENTS’ (p.9) which states:

“Where more than two persons have been nominated for any position to be filled by the Council and of the votes given there is not an absolute majority in favour of one person, the name of the person having the least number of votes shall be struck off the list and a fresh vote taken, and so on until a majority of votes is given in favour of one person.”

  1. To Appoint Signatories for Bank Accounts

(The Town Council needs to appoint 1 additional signatory in addition to the new Town Clerk as Councillor Grindell has informed Councillor Kearney he can no longer be a signatory due to his duties at the Borough Council)

  1. Planning
  2. Hickings Lane Zebra Crossing – respond by 17th September

  1. Minerals Local Plan –

Members are asked to note the accompanying paperwork

  1. Draft Planning Enforcement Plan – respond by 20th September

  1. HS2 Realignment Response

Presented by Councillor Needham – Members are asked to consider the response drafted by Councillors at a special meeting on 29th August 2019.

  1. Human Resources and Policy Review Committee Update

Cllrs Kearney, Goold, Browne and MacRae to update.

  1. Neighborhood Plan Steering Group Update

Cllrs Frost and Needham to update on current position.

  1. Traffic and Transport Steering Group Update

Cllr MacRae to update on the recent meeting.

  1. Leader Update

Update on the current position at the Council by Councillor Kearney

  1. Grant Aid Application to Broxtowe Borough

To be presented by Councillor Kearney. Members to consider the written application for debating and vote. Deadline for applications for Borough September Finance Committee meeting is Wednesday 11th September 2019.

  1. Mayoral Handbook

For discussion and vote on whether to adopt.

  1. Motion to Extend Prayers to be Inclusive of All Faiths and Beliefs

Motion proposed by Councillor Simon Frost. Seconded by Councillor Teresa Needham.

  1. Motion to Declare Climate Emergency

Motion proposed by Councillor Teresa Needham and seconded by Councillor Sue Paterson. Members to note the accompanying document ‘A Councillor’s Workbook on Acting on Climate Change.’

  1. Motion to Reinstate Allotments Steering Group

Motion proposed by Councillor Sue Paterson and seconded by Councillor John Hawkins.

  1. Stapleford Gateway Delivery Programme

Presented by Councillor Kearney

  1. Dates for Your Diary – Document 1

Members are asked to note upcoming important dates

  1. Mayor’s Engagements – Document 2 

Members are asked to note the Mayor’s upcoming engagements

  1. Date of next meeting – Friday 18th October 2019 at 7.00pm

Document 1

September 2019
Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 10.45am

Beeston Square

Fly the Red Ensign Flag for Merchant Navy Day Town Mayor Attended
Saturday 21st September 2019 at 18:30

Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4LR

1360 Stapleford and Sandiacre Squadron Annual Dining Night Town Mayor Attending
October 2019
There have been invitations for October received by the Town Council in the last seven days which have not yet been confirmed.

These will be added to the website when they are confirmed.

Document 2

September 2019
Sunday 1st September

Stapleford & Bramcote Conservative Club


Stapleford Combined Services AGM & Monthly Committee Meeting
Monday 9th September 2019

Carnegie Centre


Planning & Environment Committee
Tuesday 10th September


Neighbourhood Plan Meeting
Wednesday 11th September

Carnegie Centre



Events Working Group

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Thursday 12th September

Carnegie Centre


LLeisure/Broxtowe Borough Council Christmas lights meeting
Friday 20th September 2019

Carnegie Centre


Annual Garden Competition Awards Ceremony
Thursday 26th September 2019

Pastures Community Centre


‘Let’s Talk Broxtowe’ Corporate Plan Review
October 2019
Sunday 6th October 2019

Stapleford & Bramcote Conservative Club


Stapleford Combined Services Monthly Committee Meeting
Thursday 17th October 2019



Stapleford CAT meeting
Friday 18th October 2019

Carnegie Centre


Traffic & Transport Steering Group