Town Council Meeting – 08/09/2017

Town Council Meeting – 8th September
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HELD ON 8TH September 2017

Present Councillors:


Cllr Mrs C Bollen     Cllr D Grindell          Cllr D Pearson

Cllr R Browne           Cllr B Hull                  Cllr C Rice

Cllr R Darby              Cllr R MacRae          Cllr Mrs S Roome

Cllr Mrs J Goold       Cllr J McGrath          Cllr Ms J Townend


* Cllrs: B Hull, J McGrath,  Cllr Mrs S Roome and Ms J Townend left prior to the end of the Meeting.


59/2018                     Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: A Britton, I Lawton, J Longdon, P Ensor, and Mrs S Ensor.


It was noted that Mrs Margaret Longdon, the wife of Councillor John Longdon had died and that condolences had been sent on behalf of the Town Council.


It was further noted that Cllr Mrs Amanda Hull had recently suffered a severe accident and all best wishes were sent to Councillor Mrs Hull for a speedy recovery.


60/2018         Declarations of interest


Councillors: R Darby, Mrs J C Goold, J McGrath and R MacRae declared an interest in any discussion relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillors: R Darby, B Hull, Mrs J C Goold, J McGrath and Ms J Townend declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments.

Councillor R MacRae declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Centre Team


61/2018         Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council


The Town Clerk had received no requests to address the Town Council.


62/2018         Minutes of the Town Council Meeting Held on 28th July 2017



The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 28th July 2017 were approved and signed by the Town Mayor.


63/2018          Police Issues in Stapleford


The Town Mayor welcomed Inspector S Wragg to this Meeting.    Inspector Wragg gave a short presentation detailing the current issues being pursued within the Town.  He noted Members concerns re the reduction in Police officers and PCSO’s patrolling/assigned to the Town.


With regard to particular issues   relating to anti social behaviour, particularly those identified at Hickings Lane Recreation Ground, he assured the Meeting that this matter was under investigation.





Town Council13.10.17                                                                                                      Document1:2
Page3072 63/2018contd.

Inspector Wragg informed the Meeting that there were ongoing investigations re drug related incidences in the Town.


Following full and frank discussion of the issues raised it was agreed that it was essential that members of the public reported crimes, anti social behaviour and suspicious behaviour direct to the Police Agencies as officers could only respond to direct information.


Town council:23.06.17                                                                  64/2018         Mayor’s Engagements


The Town Mayor’s Engagements were noted.

Member’s attention was brought to the event taking place to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Town Council on 7th October 2017 and Councillors were invited to support this Concert and recommend it to friends and family.

The Town Clerk drew Members attention issues relating to Remembrance Sunday and following full and frank discussion of this topic it was agreed that the Town Clerk should pursue this matter with the Stapleford and District Combined Services Organisation and write in the strongest terms regarding the subject.

65/2018          Web Site


This item was placed on the Agenda at the Request of Cllr R MacRae and the Town Clerk had supplied a background report for Members information.


Following discussion it was agreed that the Leader of the Town Council, together with Councillor MacRae would pursue this matter and report back to a future Meeting of the Town Council.

66/2018          Town Centre Management Team (TCT)

The Town Clerk reported that there was concern re the lack of businesses involved in this group.

It was noted that the TCT was hoping to pursue the Garden Competition for Town Centre Businesses, next year with more success.

It was noted that the WiFi was now live.

67/2018          Neighbourhood Planning

The Meeting noted the progress to date of the Neighbourhood Plan Project and agreed that any minor amendments that were required to the draft document could be carried out by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.


‘Taster’ consultations had been held at the Playday and Carnival re this matter and it was hoped that the full consultation of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan would commence in early October.


R Darby, Mrs J C Goold, J McGrath and R MacRae declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan



Town Council 13.10.17                                                                                                     Document1:3

68/2018          Update: Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan

Member’s attention was once again drawn to the Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan.  This matter would be discussed at the next Meeting of the Town Council and Members were reminded  that the necessary documents were available on the Broxtowe Borough Council Web Site and that an email had been sent with details of the relevant pages, (referring to the Stapleford Area),  had been sent to all Councillors.


R Darby, B Hull, Mrs J C Goold and Ms J Townend declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments.


692/2018       Allotments Report

The Allotments report was noted.

70/2018          Highways Issues In Stapleford

This item was maintained on the Agenda at the request of Members.

The Town Clerk had contacted Councillors: John Cottee John Doddy and John Longdon with regard to very poor state of the roads in the Town and related concerns. It was agreed that the Leader of the Town Council, would undertake to collate the most pressing issues re the highways and that information identifying the main problems would be sent to Nottinghamshire County Council for comment.

Concern was expressed, at the Meeting, that the Traffic & Transport group organised by former Councillor Stan Heptinstall, had not been organised by either of the Councillors elected in May 2017. Following discussion it was agreed that the Town Council would organise a Working Party for Stapleford, only to consider Traffic and Transport issues and that outside agencies and interested individuals would also be invited to attend this Group.

Councillor MacRae suggested that these meetings should be co-ordinated to the CAT Meetings and this was agreed and further details will be reported to the next Meeting of the Town Council.  .

71/2018          HS2 Phase 2b Route Announcement

It was agreed to maintain this item on the Agenda for further discussion at the next Meeting. .

72/2018          Correspondence


Greenwood Community Tree Planting Grants – this item was noted.

Nottingham Road/Ryecroft Street/Wadsworth Road Area Stapleford- Proposed Double Yellow Lines (TRO5239-Public Advert) – this item was noted.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


73/2018          Planning Applications

17/00425/OUT Outline application to construct a block of 6 flats (with all matters reserved)

88 Nottingham Road



Town Council 13.10.17                                                                                                     Document1:4                                                                                                                                                Page3074

  73/2018 contd.

Members considered an application for outline planning permission to construct a block of six flats.  The Town Council was concerned that the outline planning application did not make clear the proposed height of the block and it was felt that in order to accommodate such a block, on this site, it would need to be three storeys high which the Meeting would not support at this location.

Further this location is served by a very narrow street which also feeds into the Local Authority Depot and   Members were of the opinion that the development of this block of flats would cause congestion in relation to parking and access and egress to both the existing Depot and the proposed application.  Upon a vote it was agreed to object to this application.

17/00523/CLUE Certificate of lawfulness for existing development (engineering works on site) which represents a commencement of the development approved under 13/00609/FUL

Former Dyeworks Site West End Street Stapleford Nottinghamshire                                

The Meeting considered the application and had no objections to this application provided:

  1. That the development on the site was as stipulated in the approval under 13/00609/FUL
  2. That the conditions, as stipulated under 13/00609/FUL were fully adhered to
  3. That Broxtowe Borough Council investigates the permission granted under 13/00609/FUL, to create a road that would exit onto Derby Road adjacent the Railway Bridge at the border with Sandiacre, given the proximity of this area to the proposed HS2 Development.

17/00610/FUL Change of Use from B1 Offices to C2 Residential Care Home                                                            

Cambridge House Nottingham Road Stapleford NG9 8AB

It was noted that this property had previously received planning permission for change of use from Offices to residential units (apartments).

The Meeting considered the application and following discussion it agreed that the Town Council supported this application.

Further with the proposed housing developments in and adjacent to the Town there was a definite need for this type of provision.

74/2018          Payments

Payments were noted.

75/2018          Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Town Council was scheduled to take place on