Town Council Meeting 17 May 2019

Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford, Notts NG9 8EY


Cllr E Atherton

Cllr C Boothman (A)

Cllr J Briggs

Cllr R Darby (Chair)

Cllr J Goold (A)

Cllr J Hallam

Cllr J Hawkins

Cllr E Kearney

Cllr R MacRae (Vice-Chair)

Cllr J McGrath

Cllr S Paterson

In Attendance – Outgoing Mayor Bob Browne

Isobel Greenhalgh (Town Clerk) Bev Heard (Assistant)

1/2019 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from:- Cllr J Goold

No apologies for absence:- Cllr C Boothman

Annual Town Meeting

2/2019 Outgoing Mayor, Bob Browne speech

Bob Browne reported on his last year as Mayor. Please see Appendix A1 for Bob Browne’s outgoing speech.

The Stapleford Town Councillors all gave their thanks to Bob for his hard work

and commitment.

Councillor Chris Rice

A minute’s silence was held in the memory of Councillor Chris Rice who passed away 23 April 2019 after a long illness. He will be sadly missed.

Outgoing Leader of the Stapleford Town Council , Councillor Dave Pearson sent his outgoing speech which can be read in Appendix A2.

3/2019 Ex Councillor David Grindell – ‘Dig In’ Community Allotment report 2018/2019

Please see Appendix A3

4/2019 Declarations of interest

Cllr John McGrath, Cllr E Atherton and Cllr R MacRae declared an interest in any discussion relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

5/2019 Election of Town Mayor (Chair)

The Councillors were invited to vote for a new Mayor on a temporary basis, to resign at the next meeting, due to the full council not yet being elected or as a permanent position.

The vote was held, and it was resolved to :- vote for a permanent Town Mayor.

The Councillors were invited to nominate a candidate(s) to serve as Town Mayor for the coming municipal year, May 2019/ May 2020.

Councillor Ray Darby was nominated by Councillor John McGrath and seconded by Councillor Richard MacRae as Town Mayor.

A vote was held, and it was resolved to:- appoint Councillor Ray Darby as Town Mayor.

Votes for – 8

Votes against – 0

Abstentions –

6/2019 Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Town Mayor

The newly elected Town Mayor did formally sign the declaration of acceptance.

7/2019 Election of Deputy Town Mayor

The Councillors were invited to nominate a candidate(s) to serve as Deputy Town Mayor for the coming municipal year, May 2019/May 2020.

Councillor Richard MacRae Councillor was nominated by Councillor Jessica Hallam and seconded by Councillor Sue Paterson as Deputy Town Mayor.

A vote was held, and it was resolved to:- appoint Councillor Richard MacRae as Deputy Town Mayor.

Votes for – 6

Votes against – 1

Abstentions – 1

8/2019 Appointment of Committees 2019/2020

:- It was resolved to :-

defer appointment of committees until a full council was in session at the first Town Council meeting after the by-election.

Planning & Environment

Finance & General Purposes

9/2019 Appointment of Town Council Representatives to Outside Bodies:

(The Town Council is represented on a number of outside bodies and it is traditional to appoint Members to such bodies at this meeting. If the Town Council is unable to appoint Members at this point, this item will be continued to the next meeting of the Town Council.)

  1. Broxtowe Women’s Project
  2. Dig-In Project
  3. Helpful Bureau

:- It was resolved to :-

defer appointment of committees until a full council was in session at the first Town Council meeting after the by-election

10/2019 To Note Appointment of Group Leaders

The majority group leader will become the leader of the Council unless otherwise decided.

:- It was resolved to appoint a temporary leader who will resign at the next meeting when there is a full council.

Councillor Ella Kearney was nominated by Councillor John McGrath and seconded by Councillor Sue Paterson as temporary leader.

A vote was held Councillor Ella Kearney was appointed as temporary leader of Stapleford Town Council.

11/2019 Minutes from previous Town Council

It was agreed that the Minutes from previous Town Council meeting on 22 February 2019 will be presented at the next meeting when full council is in session.

12/2019 Internal Auditors

It was noted that the Appointment of Internal Auditors – Cath Walker BSc FCA Walker Accountancy Limited, had been made.

13/2019 Signatories for Bank Accounts

It was noted that the Appointment of Signatories for Bank Accounts – will be made at the next meeting.

14/2019 Budget sheets

It was noted that the budget sheets will be presented at the next meeting

15/2019 GDPR General Data Protection Regulation)

It was noted that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) information had been given out to Councillors in their welcome packs.

16/2019 Launch of Best Kept Garden Competition

It was noted that entry forms are available from the Town Clerk’s office and online. The closing date is 1 July 2019. Judging date to be set with new Mayor. Members of the public who are resident in Stapleford are invited to enter the competition.

17/2019 Calendar of Meetings – see document 1

(Members were asked to note the calendar of meetings for the coming municipal year.)

18/2019 Mayor’s Engagements – see document 2 

20/2019 Date of next meeting

The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on 21 JUNE 2019 at 7.00 pm.

The meeting finished at 19.57pm

Signed ____________________________ Date __________________________




TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS Commencing at 7.00 p.m.


17 May 2019

Annual Town Meeting 7.00pm 6.30pm coffee , followed by Town Council Mtg 7.30pm and coffee and cake afterwards.

21 June

26 July

6 September

18 October

29 November

10 January 2020 Budget meeting only.

28 February

3 April

15 May

Document 2

Mayor’s Civic Engagements

January 2019
Sunday 27th January 2019

10.00 am

At St Helens Church

Service to celebrate the official opening of St Helens Church Annex followed by a luncheon Town Mayor
February 2019
Friday 8th February 2019


Carnegie Civic & community Centre.

To present the cheque to the Getaway Club.

Town Mayor
Friday 8th February 2019

12 noon

Cemetery Road, Stapleford Cemetery.

Ring 12 bells at 12 noon.

Town Mayor
March 2019
Sunday 3rd March

10 am

Stapleford Methodist Church, Eatons Road

Stapleford Town Council Civic Service


Town Mayor & Escort

Stapleford Jobs fair 8th March Stapleford Town Council Town Mayor

Broxtowe Mayors Charity all 16th March Town Mayor & Escort


A1 Bob Browne – Outgoing Mayor

I will start this report with at the end of my term, as it would be right to celebrate the life of my predecessor Cllr Chris Rice, who died on Good Friday. For those new here, he was a founder member of this council, and spent long terms in office here. I first met him in the corridors of the QMC where we both worked; once he found I lived in Stapleford, (testament to his powers of observation) he would stop and tell excitedly what news there was of the local area: and those who attended the funeral will have witnessed photographs of themselves at council events, which depicts his warm enthusiasm about our little town. Of course, he was too modest to say he was a councillor, so it was some time before I found out. Excuse my naivety, but I thought ordinary people did not become councillors, but he sparked my interest in community representation. It shows that a gentlemanly, quiet persona can still influence and inspire. As his deputy, I helped him with his duties-Cllr Richard McCrae did a lot more, but his will to serve was the major driving force in delivering his duties. There will be a big Chris shaped hole at this table.

As to the current duties, it would be best to group them into 3 categories: Civic, Representation, Recognition.


The previous Town Clerk apologized to me for the lack of invitations, particularly in the civic roles as councils save expenditure. Some of these may not mean much to the people that have to pay for them. However, there is still a place for these:

The Civic Service at Southwell Minster was impressive and may have been to an outsider to be a façade of civic pomp, but the networking with other councils was invaluable-we have neighbours, after all. The Broxtowe mayor’s charity ball may have been a celebration of the “chain gang”, but it made substantial funds for two good causes.

The Mayor is also Chair of the Council, which in my case, coincided with a new Town Clerk. We had only each other to verify procedure, then occasionally fumbled our way through the formal layout of the meetings which may have been obvious, sorry about that! But an unexpected benefit was a slightly more flowing meeting, and I was allowed by the councillors to verify and explore and summarize subjects, which is what I have done at other meeting I have chaired. I would ask the new administration to consider small changes to our meetings that would allow us to explore what we can do, rather than state what we cannot do. Of course, the correct checks and balances need to be in place to ensure that all councillors have an opportunity to represent their wards.


Representation of Stapleford, I came to learn makes our town a discrete area with its own identity, really important to a lot of townsfolk. For example, the Christmas and playday events were well supported, it was brilliant to talk to so many different people. The First World war remembrance events were a particular honour to officiate at: one dignitary from outside the town stated “wow, Stapleford fields a good team” when he looked at our crowds. There were events outside the town: opening the dog show at Treetops Hospice, which made money for a facility that sadly, we know Staplefordians use.


This can be split into places and people. I attended the Bramcote Tower and cemetery bell openings and judged the garden competitions. These celebrate the efforts of those trying to take pride in improving the fabric of the town. But the people need recognition too, and it is the pleasant but essential role of the Mayor to thank and celebrate those who are very unlikely to get an OBE or MBE. Special thanks go to the unsung heroes who instil positive actions in our young in their own time. The ATC, Boys and Girls Brigades, the young gardeners at the allotment shows, Stapleford Town Football Club, all different groups but alike in this factor.

I have got to thank Cllrs Richard McCrae and John McGrath for asking different groups to consider asking the Mayor along. Again, future councillors, if you are involved in something that would be appropriate to invite the Mayor to, do ask, as it makes the council more visible, relevant and approachable.

I would like to thank my wife, who was horrified at the prospect of being a “consort” but ended up enjoying it. Finally, I will use her words: “you councillors are an oddball bunch, so different, but you can see what you are all trying to do the best that can be done”. So, thanks to one and all of you oddballs, it has been an honour and privilege to be with you all: and my best and warmest wishes go to the new administration.

Bob Browne


A2 Dave Pearson Outgoing Leader’s Report

Here is just a brief summary of important events during 2018.

One of the major events affecting the administration at the Town Council was the resignation of the Town Clerk, Margaret Downie. Margaret had been Town Clerk for over 20 years and none of the Councillor’s had experience of the process involved in appointing a new Town Clerk.

Eventually a successor was appointed in the person of Isobel Greenhalgh. Inevitably this would take time for everything to be in place and meant an overlap in staffing. Isobel has a wealth of experience in office management and already she has brought in a number of changes in the administration which have greatly improved the efficiency of the office. Whilst not having Margaret’s vast political experience Isobel is coming on in leaps and bounds in this area and already making a number of important contacts with neighbouring councils. She will be a great asset to the Town Council and its efficient running. These events highlighted to me the importance of every organisation to have some kind of succession planning.

During the year the Helpful Bureau took over the office originally occupied by Broxtowe Council on a long-term lease. This is not only useful to the community in helping a worthy, local organisation but also ensures better use of the Carnegie Centre and brings in extra finance into the Town Council. This helped to alleviate the extra costs incurred during the change in Town Clerk.

Work on the Neighbourhood Place continued apace and now with the assistance of Ken Mafham, our consultant, and the Steering Group, in particular Teresa Needham, who did excellent work on looking into footpaths and improvements to the environment and the town’s heritage. It is now virtually ready for submission. The only reason for delay is due to problems that Broxtowe had had with the submission of their Local Plan. Once this has been sorted then our plan should be submitted. This is obviously down to the new administration to carry on with as a matter of urgency.

Aldi is now finally going ahead and by the end of the year Stapleford should have a supermarket.

The refurbished Cemetery Chapel Bell is now installed and working. This was supported by the Town Council who paid for the refurbishment of the bell itself and is an important asset to the local heritage.

There have been numerous consultations with HS2 and its effects on the future of the Town. I feel that at present very little concrete has emerged that will be of benefit to the Town. HS2’s plans seem to change drastically with every meeting. The new administration needs to continue pressing HS2 to ensure that if we must have HS2 we get the maximum benefit for the Town and the minimum amount of disruption during the construction, otherwise the Town’s economy will suffer still further.

The 100 years Remembrance Service attracted even more people than ever and was ably organised by the new Town Clerk.

Whilst the Finances over this last year have been a struggle with the various changes our increased income from rent of the old Cash Office has gone a long way towards balancing this out. Our increased future income, efficiency and stability has ensured that the Budget for next year should be much more predictable. Again, for the third year running we were able with confidence to set a zero increase in Council Tax for 2019-20.

Whilst our allotments are not at 100% occupancy, they are still quite popular and we do have a high level of occupancy, although they can be a high cost to maintain. At present I don’t envisage any major costs over the forthcoming year, but one can never tell.

I hope I have included all the items of major importance. Apologies if I have missed any items that people think may have been important.

I wish the new administration all the best and trust they will all work together for the benefit of the people of Stapleford.

Peace & Love Dave Pearson (former Leader of Town Council)



Ex Councillor David Grindell – ‘Dig In’ Community Allotment report 2018/2019

The Volunteers came up with a plan and asked the Stapleford Town Council for an allotment to start the community project, the council handed over a plot free of charge except that Dig In must pay for water.

This year the group has expanded as they asked for additional allotment ground, next to their plot number 62, which would be good for growing fruit trees on. Stapleford Town Council granted them the extra plot, water to be paid for.

Fruit and vegetables that have been grown on the allotment site, is always given away to people in Stapleford in the community for free.

I would suggest that if you would like to have a visit to the Dig In, go along on Saturday morning at 10 .30 you would be most welcome.

Funding comes from Business in and around Broxtowe and National Lottery also fundraising on the site as well.