Town Council Meeting 22 FEBRUARY 2019

Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford, Notts


Cllr A Britton

Cllr R Browne (Chair)

Cllr C Bollen

Cllr R Darby

Cllr D Grindell

Cllr P Ensor

Cllr S Ensor (A)

Cllr J Goold

Cllr A Hull (A)

Cllr B Hull (A)

Cllr I Lawton

Cllr J Longdon (A)

Cllr R MacRae

Cllr J McGrath

Cllr D Pearson

Cllr C Rice

Cllr S Roome (A)

Cllr J Townend (A)

In Attendance Isobel Greenhalgh (Town Clerk ) Kim O’Keefe (Assistant)

120/2019 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from:-

Cllr S Ensor , Cllr A Hull, Cllr B Hull, Cllr J Longdon, Cllr J Townend, Cllr S Roome

No apologies for absence:- none

121/2019 Declarations of interest

Councillors: J Goold and R MacRae declared an interest in any discussion relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillors J Goold, D Grindell, declared an interest in any discussion relating to allotments.

122/2019 Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 11 January 2019

The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 11 January 2019 were approved and signed .

123/2019 Actions from previous minutes

All actions from the previous minutes were completed with nothing to report.

124/2019 New Voting Rules – come into force May 2019

Sue Rodden (Broxtowe Borough Council) made a presentation to inform the Councillors about the new voting rules that come into force in May.

Broxtowe is a Voter ID Pilot – this is an opportunity for both staff and electors to find out what’s involved as this will soon be a national requirement.

Basis of the pilot will be that electors have to produce ID when they go to vote before being issued with a ballot paper. A list of documents will be on the back of the poll card.

The Poll card is likely to be one of the acceptable documents.

If residents don’t have one of the photo types or 2 of the non-photo documents the elector can apply for local elector ID.

Publicity will be available on Broxtowe Borough Council’s web site from 1 March – there will be a voter ID page including a list of acceptable ID.

Postal voting will not be affected.

There is going to be a ‘Road Show’ in Stapleford and Sue Rodden will let us know when the date has been set so we Stapleford Town Council can advertise it.

Following the presentation Sue then left the meeting

125/2019 Section 137 Request

There were no applications for section 137 funding at this time.

126/2019 Mayors Engagements

Councillors were reminded about the Civic Service – date, 3 March 2019 10.30am at the Methodist Church, Eatons Road.

126/2019 Mayors Engagements

126/2019 Mayors Engagements cont.d …

The Mayor , Councillor Bob Browne, stated that he enjoyed all his engagements especially commenting on the St Helen’s Church annex and the Cemetery Bell.

127/2019 Planning

  • 50 Nottingham Road Stapleford 19/00011/FUL

Following a discussion on this planning application, it was agreed to support it.

It was also agreed to ask Broxtowe Borough Council Planning dept to contact us in future to offer our local knowledge.

Action :-

Town Clerk to write to Broxtowe Borough Council planning dept to offer Stapleford Town Council support of this application and offer our local knowledge to them.

  • 45 Nottingham Road Stapleford, Ref: 19/00053/ADV

Councillor D Pearson presented photos of the shop before and after the signs were erected.

A discussion was held, it was agreed to object to both signs on the grounds that they are too big and illuminated.

Action :-

Town Clerk to write to Broxtowe Borough Council planning dept to object to this application.

  • 45 Nottingham Road Stapleford, Ref: 19/00052/FUL

No objections were raised for this application, however, the enforcement officer from Broxtowe Borough Council should have realised the business has been running for 2-3 years without planning application.

Action :-

Town Clerk to write to Broxtowe Borough Council planning dept to note the length of time the business has been operating.

128/2019 Health & Safety Report by Town Clerk

The Town Clerkreported that theGas boiler has had a service and a new pipe fitted to ensure we are fully compliant with the law and gave a H&S update.

  1. Fire alarm service completed, staff training completed February 2019.
  2. Fire drill held (Tuesday am – Weight Watchers Group in) 12.2.19. -all went well
  3. CCTV / door access system – QUOTES requested, date set for work to be done in February .

128/2019 Health & Safety Report by Town Clerk cont’d….

  1. The Town Clerk reported that all statutory compliances are being met , including :-
    1. Asbestos
    2. Gas boiler
    3. Fire regulations (fire extinguishers, fire drills, fire plan, log book, staff training, Fire risk Assessment)
    4. 5-year electrical test
    5. PAT test (portable appliance testing )

Councillor D Grindell gave his thanks to the Town Clerk for all her work to ensure we are H&S compliant.

129/2019 Allotments

Councillors were asked to note a meeting has been arranged for The Garden Holders on 28 February at 7.00pm and that they were invited.

130/2019 HS2

Councillor S Roome had sent an email – A request by a member of the public at a “Meet your Councillor” session. She is worried that the upheaval and dramatic alterations to our town are not being given the due publicity; she remarked that Trowell seem to be getting better and more attention than us. She is afraid that when the time comes a great % of the residents will not know what’s hit them. She knows information is on the council website but says that everyone does not have access to the internet They hope we can discuss this with a view to getting fresh ideas how to publicize this major event.

Councillor D Pearson reported that there had been 3 public meetings and a meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council at which the same information had been given out.

A discussion was held, it was agreed that hopefully, as mentioned by HS2, that they will release more information in the summer.

131/2019 Traffic & Highways – Minutes from a meeting on 18 January 2019

Councillor D Grindell thanked Councillor D Pearson for the minutes.

Pinfold Lane/Aldi

A discussion was held about the traffic concerns when the new Aldi has been built. One suggestion from a resident is to possibly make Pinfold Lane one-way traffic.

Councillor R Macrae reported he had contacted Highways to get Aldi construction workers to clear Nottingham Road of the mud etc especially near school home time and drop off times.

Councillor R Macrae reported that an ease to help parking around St Johns School, a suggestion could be (as for William Lilley) that parents park in local car parks ( one hour of free parking).

Toton Lane

A discussion was held on the traffic congestion at the top of Toton Lane near Westerlands. It was agreed that further investigations were needed to look into improvements such as a box junction.

Gibbons Avenue/The Mount

A discussion was held over the traffic concerns here. It was agreed we ask Nottingham County Councillors to put forward as one of their ideas for improvements for example, to apply double yellow lines around the junctions.

Moorbridge Lane

Councillor D Pearson said that Moorbridge Lane will be a direct route for HS2 lorries and a suggestion would be to allow residents to park on the grass verges.

Action :

Town Clerk to write to Nottingham County Council Highways re suggestion from a resident to consider making Pinfold Lane one-way traffic before Aldi is completed.

Town Clerk to ask Nottingham County Councillors to put forward as one of their ideas for improvements for example, to apply double yellow lines around the junctions.

132/2019 Broxtowe Borough Council Capital Grant / Future High Streets Fund

A discussion was held about this scheme as it was matched funding, it was agreed in the new administration to get ideas and costings/quotes ‘in the bank’ for any future funding schemes so we are ready to apply for funding.

Councillor C Bollen left the meeting at this [point ( 8.00pm )

133/2019 Request made by a member of the public to address the Stapleford Town Council .

Tereasa Needham – talking about the Governments Future high Streets Fund

She informed the meeting that Information about the Governments Future high streets fund was released on the 26th December 2018 with further details on eligibility and the application process released on the 8th February 2019.

Tereasa Needham – talking about the Governments Future high Streets Fund cont’d …

A maximum of £25m for funding is available for town centres which are facing significant challenges, although it is expected that most projects will cost around £5m to £10m. Additional funding streams are required however it has not been stated that the funding needs to be matched and the sources of funding can come from businesses and the private sector.

Due to the population of Broxtowe only one application is expected from the Borough. Stapleford is the most suitable candidate from Broxtowe as it has the lowest town centre occupancy rate compared to the other district centres of Eastwood and Kimberly (below the national average).

Stapleford town centre has the potential to be of national significance if it is to be the northern gateway to HS2 (I forgot to mention in the meeting that HS2 could be the source of additional funding to the project, this is worth mentioning in your correspondence with Broxtowe).

A shopper’s survey was carried to provide additional evidence that Stapleford meets the criteria and 101 people responded. A diverse range of activities are carried out in the town centre although most users stayed for less than an hour but were unable to obtain all the goods and services they needed and many used Beeston as an alternative. (I’ve attached a copy of the survey results as a pdf and the open-ended statements are in the excel file).

The deadline for applications is the 22nd March. This is tight but the initial application is for submissions of interest so detailed plans are not required at this stage. The worthiest applications will then go on to phase 2 where some money will be made available to draw up detailed plans and make a business case.

Support is required from Broxtowe to complete the application.

The Cllrs thanked MS Needham. It was agreed that unfortunately the timings for this was near the elections. The idea was better than the matched funding. The application must go through Broxtowe Borough Council. The HS2 meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council was positive, it was felt they were listening to what Stapleford needs and our views were sought out. This funding was not mentioned at the BBC meeting so it may be an idea to send the information to Broxtowe Borough Council Ruth Hyde

Cllr Jan Goold agreed that Stapleford fits the picture and said that Broxtowe Borough Council Councillors should go and see Stefan Saunders to carry this forward.

Action :-

Cllr Goold to contact Stefan Saunders.

Town Clerk to write to Ruth Hyde and send her the funding information

The Meeting gave their thanks to Teresa for all her work.

134/2019 Payments

Councillors were asked to note the payment schedule.

Following a discussion on the civic cost, Councillor D Pearson reminded the meeting to set aside funds each year for election costs ( £12,000 )

135/2019 Date of next meeting.

The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on 17 MAY 2019 at 7.00 pm. This is for the Annual Town Council Meeting for the newly elected Councillors for Stapleford.

The meeting finished at 8.18 pm

Signed ____________________________ Date __________________________