Town Council Meeting – 23/02/2018

Meeting of Stapleford Town Council
Friday 23rd February 2018 at 7.00p.m.

In the Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford, Notts.

**Please note public meetings can now be filmed by members of the public- Chairperson to ascertain at the start of the meeting if anyone will be filming in order for those who do not wish to be filmed to vacate the room * *


1 Apologies for absence

(The Town Clerk will report any apologies for absence she has received in writing prior to
the start of the meeting.)

2 Declarations of interest

(Members will be invited to declare any interests they may have on any item to be
discussed at the meeting. They will also be advised that should it become apparent

to any Member during the meeting that they do have an interest in a particular item they should alert the Chair and the Town Clerk immediately.)


Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 12th January 2018.

Document 1

4 Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council


5 Section 137 Request Document 3

(This item was deferred at the last Meeting of the Town Council, on 12th January 2018. Please bring the report submitted to that Meeting for this item re Request for funding from St Helen’s Parish Church, Stapleford re annex project.)

6 HS2

(An invitation has been accepted by Mr P Mullins representing HS2 to attend this Meeting and give a short presentation for the benefit of Members.)

7 Mayor’s Engagements Document 2

8 Poppy Prom and Town Council Commemoration of the end of World War One

(The Town Clerk will report on successfully securing funding for this event from

Nottinghamshire County Council.)

9 Town Clerk

(To note the resignation of the Town Clerk)

10 Neighbourhood Planning – Update

(To note the progress of this project to date)


11 Town Centre (TCT)

(To note any items of interest relating to this group).

12 Correspondence

Agenda Contd.

13 Planning Applications

66A Derby Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 7AB
Planning Reference: 18/00020/FUL
Received Week Ending: 12/01/2018
Applicant: Mrs Jones
Proposal: Construct first floor extension to create flat over existing shop.
Status: Pending Consideration
Further Information
41 Nottingham Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 8AD
Planning Reference: 18/00062/P3JPA
Received Week Ending: 02/02/2018
Applicant: Mr D McGrath
Proposal: Prior notification under Class O – Change of use from offices (Class B1) to two apartments (Class C3)
Status: Pending Consideration
Further Information
54 Derby Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 7AB
Planning Reference: 17/00873/FUL
Proposal: Change of use from retail (Class A1) to retail and residential (Class C3) to create 6 flats and external alterations including side dormer
Status: Pending Consideration
Further Information

Top of Form

Land To The Rear Of 29 Toton Lane Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 7HB
Planning Reference: 18/00013/FUL
Proposal: Construct three detached dwellings, one detached double garage and widening of access
Status: Pending Consideration
Further Information
192 Nottingham Road Stapleford Nottingham NG9 8BJ
Planning Reference: 18/00027/FUL
Proposal: Construct two storey front extension
Status: Pending Consideration
Further Information

Agenda Contd

13 Planning Applications contd.

23 Nottingham Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 8AB
Planning Reference: 18/00031/FUL
Received Week Ending: 19/01/2018
Proposal: Change of use from retail (Class A1) to take away (Class A5), install new shopfront and roller shutter
Status: Pending Consideration
Further Information

Bottom of Form

66 – 68 Wellington Street Stapleford Nottinghamshire
Planning Reference: 18/00084/FUL
Received Week Ending: 02/02/2018
Proposal: Change of use from vocational training centre (Class D1) to mixed use storage and distribution (Class B8) and offices (Class B1)

Further Information

The Old Rock 1 – 3 Nottingham Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 8AB
Planning Reference 17/00386/ADV
Proposal: Display signage
Comment on this Application
Appeal Detail
Date Lodged:
Decision Date:



(To note the payment schedule.)

14 Date of next meeting. The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on
Friday, 8th April 2018 at 7.00p.m.

Town Council 23.02.18 Town Council Document1:1 Document1:2
Page 3092


HELD ON 12th January 2018

Present Councillors:

Cllr R Browne Cllr Mrs J Goold Cllr J Longdon Cllr C Rice

Cllr R Darby Cllr D Grindell Cllr R MacRae Cllr S Roome

Cllr P Ensor Cllr Mrs A Hull Cllr J McGrath Cllr J Townend

Cllr Mrs S Ensor Cllr I Lawton Cllr D Pearson

114/2018 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: Mrs C Bollen, A Britton and B Hull.

115/2018 Declarations of interest

Councillors: R Darby, J Longdon and R MacRae declared an interest in any discussion relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillors: R Darby, Mrs J Goold, Mrs A Hull and Cllr J McGrath declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments.

Councillor R MacRae declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Centre Team.

Councillor J Longdon declared an interest in any discussion relating to Nottinghamshire County Council by dint of serving as a Councillor on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillors: R Darby, D Grindell And C Rice declared an interest in Agenda item 7 Section 137 Requests.

116/2018 Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council

The Town Clerk had received no requests to address the Town Council.

117/2018 Minutes of the Town Council Meeting Held on 1st December 2017

The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 1st December 2017 were approved and signed by the Town Mayor, subject to noting Councillor B Hull and Mr S Frost had also assisted at the Remembrance Sunday Service.

Typing errors had been corrected on the signed version of this document.

99/2018 118/2018 Mayor’s Engagements

The Town Mayor’s Engagements were noted.

The Town Mayor thanked the Deputy Town Mayor and Past Town Mayors who had deputised for him at events over the Christmas Period when he was ill.

119/2018 Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan Part 2

The Meeting noted that Broxtowe Borough Council would be considering the Local Plan Part 2 in March 2018. Members had the opportunity to make comments on this matter.

Town Council23.02.18 Document1:2
Page 3093


As a result of discussion, the following points were noted:

  1. The Town Council was extremely concerned re the proposal to shorten the Town’s designated Town Centre Area. This action would exclude a large number of successful shops and businesses from the Town Centre.
  2. Members felt there was a case for extending the Town Centre Area to include the site of the proposed Aldi Supermarket and to extend the area down to the railway bridge marking the border into Sandiacre.
  3. Further, the proposed HS2 project would hopefully bring economic benefits to the Town and it would be appropriate to extend the Town Centre area to capitalise on this potential growth area.
  4. The Town Council Draft Neighbourhood Plan recognised the need to extend not shorten the Town Centre Area and to establish a ‘gateway’ to the Town at the Bessell Lane/Derby Road, Stapleford junction.
  5. Members were very disappointed regarding the proposals contained within the Local Plan Part 2. The Draft Neighbourhood Plan which the Town Council, together with the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, would hopefully be submitting for formal consultation early this year, set out the Town Council’s aspirations for the Town including its opposition to further green belt development and the need to maintain a viable and vibrant Town Centre.

It was noted that the Town Clerk had written to Broxtowe Borough Council re the exclusion Stapleford Town Councillors from discussions re the HS2 Project. Further it was agreed that a Working Party would be established to discuss the Town’s involvement with HS2 and that the Town Clerk be instructed to invite a representative from HS2 to address the next meeting of the Town Council.

Any Councillor who wished to be part of the HS2 Working Party should contact the Leader of the Town Council by 19th January intimating their interest in this meeting.

Councillors: R Darby, D Grindell And C Rice declared an interest in the following items as regular attendees at St Helen’s Parish Church, Stapleford.

The Town Mayor, Councillor C Rice, vacated the Chair during discussion of this item AND the Deputy Town Mayor, Councillor B Browne, took the Chair for this item.

120/2018 Section 137 Request

Members considered a report of the Town Clerk regarding a request from St Helen’s Parish, Stapleford for funding towards the annexe project.

Town Council23.02.18 Document1:3
Page 3094


Following discussion, it was agreed to continue the discussion of this request to the next Meeting of the Town Council and to invite a representative from St Helen’s Parish, Stapleford to speak to this request.

The Town Mayor re-took the chair.

121/2018 Requests for Dispensations

It was noted that the Localism Act 2011 removed the automatic dispensations for local councillors to discuss the setting of budgets. Thus, Members who are resident in Stapleford who wished to discuss the setting of the budget and annual precept declared their intention at this point in the Meeting.

Likewise, any Member, who was in receipt of a civic allowance, represented the Town Council in a Civic capacity or who might do so in 2018/19 and wished to discuss items referring to Civic matters also requested a dispensation at this point in the Meeting.

The Town Council agreed unanimously to grant such dispensations as follows: Dispensation to discuss budgetary matters: Councillors: R Browne, R Darby, P Ensor, Mrs S Ensor, D Grindell, Mrs J Goold, J Longdon, I Lawton, J McGrath, R MacRae,

D Pearson, C Rice, S Roome and J Townend.


Dispensation to discuss Civic matters: Councillors: B Browne, R Darby, D Grindell, Mrs A Hull, C Rice and Mrs S Roome.

122/2018 Budget Report/Precept Report

Members considered and noted the items that needed to be approved for expenditure in the next financial year 2018/2019. It was noted that the Finance and General Purposes Committee had not met as the information from Broxtowe Borough Council had not been available until late in December 2016 and it was considered more cost effective to bring this information straight to the Town Council for discussion and decision.

After full and frank discussion, the following points were noted:

Councillors: R Darby, Mrs G Goold, Mrs A J Hull, J McGrath and Ms J Townend declared an interest in the following item-Allotments.

  1. Allotments – It was noted that the Town Council had considered the matter of allotment rents etc at its Meeting on 25th November 2016 and it had been agreed not to increase the rents in the financial year 2018/19.

Following discussion, it was agreed that the Town Council would increase the cost of allotment rents by 2pence per Square Metre in 2019/20 the water charge would remain the same. Allotment plot holder would be informed of this rise prior to March 2018.

Town Council:23.02.18 Document 1:4

Page 3095


Allotments contd.

There were vacancies on all sites except Nottingham Road and that there are a number of maintenance projects to be undertaken in this and the forth coming financial year.

Councillor Ms Townend raised a number of issues relating to the SDGHA AND Bessel Lane Site. The Town Clerk explained that these were not necessarily issues for the Town Council but for plotholders and the SDGHA to work out themselves. Following discussion, it was agreed that a meeting of the Allotments Working Party would be called early in 2018.

  1. Christmas Lights etc. – Members agreed to maintain its commitment to this project as agreed in 2016.

Further it was agreed to maintain the funding towards the Christmas Lights Switch On event as per its delivery in 2017. Any subsequent changes in format would need to be fully discussed by the Town Council.

  1. Village Ventures – It was noted that while the Town Council had been willing to continue to fund this project Broxtowe Brough Council had pulled its funding and the Town Council was unfortunately unable to continue to support this project on its own.
  2. 30TH Anniversary – Members noted the success of the 30TH Anniversary Concert to celebrate the Town Council’s establishment in 1987.

As part of the recognition of this Anniversary the Town Council had also agreed at its Meeting on 13th October 2017 to fund, as part of the refurbishment project being carried out by Broxtowe Borough Council at Stapleford Cemetery Chapel, works to refurbish the Bell. The allocation of £1,685 had already been agreed, to be taken from the regeneration budget head and it was agreed at this Meeting to allocate £5,000 to meet the cost of the remainder of the works.

Councillor D Grindell declared an interest in the Hemlock Happening as a Member of the organising committee for this event.

  1. Hemlock Happening – Liberty Leisure had submitted a request regarding this event for funding

in the new financial year. Following discussion Councillors: Mrs Hull and McRae spoke against

funding this project as they felt it did not exclusively cater for residents of the Town.

Councillor Pearson was of the opinion that the event should look to generate money on the day

through the sale of programmes. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Town Council

could not, at the present time financially support this project.

  1. Playday – The Town Clerk was unable to confirm whether or not this event would be run

by Broxtowe Borough Council in 2017. Following discussion, it was agreed that £1,500 should

be allocated for this project with the proviso that should it not take place the money would be

returned to Reserves or re-allocated to a suitable project.

Town Council: 23.02.18 Document 1:5

Page 3096


  1. Stapleford Carnival – The Town Clerk had no information on the future of the Stapleford Carnival. Following discussion, it was agreed that no more than £100 should be allocated for the Carnival should it take place and that information regarding the future of the event should be reported to the Town Council once it was available.
  2. Summer Garden Competition – Agreed to continue this project and that the Town Clerk should look for savings were possible.
  3. Civic Costs – Following full and robust discussion it was agreed that the Civic Allowances should be maintained at the current level and that the Town Council should continue to pay for tickets as appropriate for the Town Mayor/Deputy Town Mayor/Past Town and Escort.
  4. Coffee Mornings – It was agreed to sponsor such events as required.
  5. Remembrance Sunday/11th Hour of the11th Day of the 11th Month – This matter was fully discussed and following discussion it was agreed that the Town Clerk should secure the services of professional stewards to marshal the road closures etc at this event. To this end it was agreed to raise the budget figure for this event from £1,500 to £3,000.

Further the Town Clerk had applied for a grant from Nottinghamshire County Council under its Commemoration Heading for funding to present a Poppy Prom, performed by the Newark and Sherwood Concert Band to commemorate the end of the First World War. This event would follow a similar pattern to that of the Anniversary Concert with all profits being donated to St Helen’s Annex Fund. Such a donation would be recognised as the Town Council’s Commemoration of the end of World War One and would be appropriate as assisting with a project to be enjoyed by future generations; while St Helen’s also housed the Memorial Chapel, which marked the sacrifice made by the fallen in both World Wars.

It had previously been agreed that the Town Council would assist appropriate groups, from within the Parish, to hold events to mark this Anniversary; if they made appropriate applications and the Town Council wished to support such events.

Councillors: MacRae and McGrath questioned the position re: funding from Broxtowe Borough Council to grant aid road closures at the Remembrance Sunday Service in 2018. The Town Clerk assured the Meeting that she had applied for this funding and was awaiting a reply from the Deputy Chief Executive at Broxtowe Borough Council. Councillor Mrs Goold offered to pursue this matter.

  1. Mayoral Civic Events – It was agreed that the remaining events listed under this heading would continue as stated in the Town Clerk’s report.
  2. London Bridge – This item was noted.
  3. Section 137– Monies were allocated under Section 137 to support local organisations helping to improve the lot of people living in the Town. It was agreed to support this arrangement at the existing level, as set out in the Town Clerk’s report.

Town Council: 23.02.18 Document 1:6

Page 3097


  1. Carnegie Centre – The Town Council agreed to instruct the Town Clerk to continue to let the premises re the current arrangements and following discussion:

It was agreed that the rental for Weightwatchers would be raised by £2 per hour from 1ST April 2018.

Groups using the Carnegie Centre and enjoying a long term rental discount would also see their rental charges raised by £2 per hour

  1. Carnegie Centre Annexe – It was agreed to continue to let these premises re the current arrangements.
  2. Maintenance and Equipment – These allocations were noted.
  3. Elections – Agreed to allocate and ring fence sufficient funds to meet the future costs

of elections and to continue to rent the Carnegie Centre for Use as a polling station.

  1. Salaries – The Meeting noted the information contained within the report.


    1. Note and approve the report of the Town Clerk; and
    2. Instruct the Town Clerk to carry out the instructions as detailed in the Minutes of this Meeting following full and frank discussion of the matters listed there in.

At this point in the proceedings a short adjournment was held at 8.35p.m. and the Meeting reconvened at 8.42p.m.

123/2017 Proposed Budget/Precept

Councillor D Pearson introduced this item and reminded Members once again of the many and varied activities organised and supported by the Town Council. He further explained the strains on the Town Council’s finances and the need to budget carefully to fulfil its commitments.

He informed Members of the probable expenditure for the current financial year and the recommendations for expenditure in the financial year 2018/2019 as discussed at this Meeting.

To assist Town/Parish Councils for this year Broxtowe Borough Council would allocate a grant of £2,732 from the Local Tax Support scheme. The reduction to this grant was in line with the reduction of the allocation of the Local Tax Support scheme to Broxtowe Borough Council as a whole.

Town Council: 23.02.18 Document 1:7

Page 3098


Councillor Pearson further went on to report that there had been an underspend on the PAYE payments in 2016/17 resulting in an overspend in this financial year.

It was further noted that it had not been reported that the employer’s pension contributions had been raised by 3%.

Following discussion, it was agreed that the Town Council would take up to £7,000 from reserves to cover any shortfall in the Administration Budget.

The Town Clerk apologised that this matter had not been drawn to Members attention*.

Following discussion of this matter it was noted that new External Accountants had been appointed and that it was felt appropriate to appoint a new accountant and external auditor for 2018/19.

Members examined the information presented to them and it was agreed to maintain the Precept at £ 73, 861 plus grant of £2,732 from the Local Tax Support scheme. Proposed by Councillor Mrs A Hull and seconded by Councillor D Grindell.

The Town Clerk was instructed to inform Broxtowe Borough Council of this decision.

* Following a discussion with fellow Clerks, the Town Clerk has subsequently discovered that this information regarding the increase in employer’s pension contributions was not despatched to Clerk’s prior to the new financial year and other Nottinghamshire Parishes, together with Stapleford, when drawing up their budgets have only discovered this omission.

124/2018 Planning Applications

17/00864/FUL Convert five flats, including new roof, dormer, and velux windows, 134-136 Brookhill Street

Following discussion of this application Members had no objections to the proposal. However, Councillor Derby felt that note should be taken of the lack of parking in this area and the current issues this creates for residents.

125/2018 Payments

This item was noted.

126/2018 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Town Council was scheduled to place on Friday, 23rd February 2018 commencing at 7.00p.m.

Meeting closed at 9.37 p.m.

Signed …………………………………………… Date ……………………

Town Council 23.02.18 Document 3:1




January 2018

Friday, 26th January @10.50a.m.for 11.00a.m. Holocaust Memorial Service,

Bramcote Park

Deputy Town Mayor
Friday, 26th January @2.00p.m.-4.00p.m. Holocaust Memorial Event Town Mayor

February 2018

Friday, 2nd February @ 1.00p.m. Funeral of Past Town Mayor Mrs M Hill

Stapleford Methodist Church

Town Mayor
Wednesday, 7th February @2.00p.m. Visit to U3A

Stapleford Methodist Church

Town Mayor
Saturday, 10th February @ 10.30a.m.-2.30p.m. Family Fundraiser in aid of the: QMC Orthopaedic Unit

Haven Centre,

Wadsworth Road, Stapleford

Town Mayor


March 2018

Sunday, 4th March

@ 9.30a.m.for 10.00a.m.

Town Council Civic Service

St Helen’s Parish Church, Stapleford

Town Mayor & Escort
Monday, 12th March @ 9.55a.m. for 10.00a.m. Raising the Flag for Commonwealth Day

Broxtowe Borough Council

Town Mayor
Thursday, 22nd March @ 9.50a.m. for 10.00a.m. MacCarthy & Stone Complex,

Hickings Lane,


Town Mayor
Saturday, 24th March


Broxtowe Borough Council Charity, Bollywood Ball Town Mayor & Escort