Town Council Meeting Agenda – 08/09/2017

Town Council Meeting agenda – 8th September 2017
**Please note public meetings can now be filmed by members of the public- Chairperson to ascertain at the start of the meeting if anyone will be filming in order for those who do not wish to be filmed to vacate the room * *


1         Apologies for absence

(The Town Clerk will report any apologies for absence she has received in writing prior to
the start of the meeting.)

2         Declarations of interest

(Members will be invited to declare any interests they may have on any item to be
discussed at the meeting. They will also be advised that should it become apparent to any
Member during the meeting that they do have an interest in a particular item they should
alert the Chair and the Town Clerk immediately.)

3          Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 28th July 2017          Document 1



4          Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council



5          Police Issues in Stapleford

(An invitation has been issued to Inspector S Wragg to attend this Meeting.)




6         Mayor’s Engagements                                                                            Document 2


7          Web Site                                                                                                        Document 3

(This item is placed on the Agenda at the Request of Cllr R MacRae

and a short report is attached for Members information)


8         Town Centre Management Team (TCT)

(To receive feedback from The Town Clerk)


9          Neighbourhood Planning
(To receive: Feedback regarding this matter)


10        Update: Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan

(Information relating to this item can be found on the Broxtowe Borough Council Web Site)


11        Allotments Report                                                                                      Document 4

(This item is placed on the Agenda for Members Information)





Agenda contd.


12        Highways Issues in Stapleford

(This item is placed on the Agenda to enable Members to raise any pertinent issues relating to Highways Issues in the Town.)

13        HS2 Phase2b Route Announcement

(This item is placed on the Agenda to allow for any comments that the Town Council wishes to make regarding the current consultation process.)


14        Correspondence


Greenwood Community Tree Planting Grants – Further Information may be found at


Via: RTA 1984 Nottingham Road/Ryecroft Street/Wadsworth Road Area Stapleford- Proposed Double Yellow Lines (TRO5239-Public Advert)


15       Planning Applications


                88 Nottingham Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 8AQ
Planning Reference: 17/00425/OUT
Proposal: Outline application to construct a block of 6 flats (with all matters reserved)
Further Information


Certificate of Lawful Use (this is not an application for planning permission)

Reference Number          : 17/00523/CLUE
Proposal                    : Certificate of lawfulness for existing development (engineering works on site) which represents a commencement of the development approved under 13/00609/FUL
Site Address : Former Dyeworks Site West End Street Stapleford Nottinghamshire
Click here to see application details on website


Reference Number          : 17/00610/FUL
Proposal                    : Change of Use from B1 Offices to C2 Residential Care Home
Site Address : Cambridge House Nottingham Road Stapleford NG9 8AB                                
            : Click here to see application details on website


16       Payments (To note the payment schedule.)


17       Date of next meeting. The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on
13th October 2017 at 7.00p.m.

Town Council 8.09.17
Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                                     Document1:1                                                                                                                                                               Page 3065 


HELD ON 28th July 2017

Present Councillors:


Cllr R Browne           Cllr Mrs A J Hull       Cllr R MacRae

Cllr R Darby              Cllr B Hull                  Cllr D Pearson

Cllr Mrs J Goold      Cllr P Ensor             Cllr Mrs S Roome

Cllr D Grindell          Cllr Mrs S Ensor*


* Cllr Mrs S Ensor arrived after the Meeting had started.


42/2018                     Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: Mrs C Bollen, A Britton, I Lawton, J Longdon, J McGrath, C Rice, and Ms J Townend.


43/2018         Declarations of interest


Councillors: R Darby, Mrs J C Goold and   R MacRae declared an interest in any discussion relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillors: R Darby, B Hull, Mrs A J Hull and Mrs J C Goold declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments.

Councillor R MacRae declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Centre Team


44/2018         Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council


The Town Clerk had received no requests to address the Town Council.


45/2018         Minutes of the Town Council Meeting Held on 23rd June 2017  



The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 23rd June 2017 were approved and signed by the Town Mayor.

Town Council:23.06.17                                                                            

46/2018          Mayor’s Engagements

Councillors: Mrs A Hull and Mrs S Roome complained that Cllr Mrs Roome had not been invited to fulfil the role of Past Town Mayor at a recent event and that they were most upset that Councillor Grindell a, previous Past Town Mayor, had been invited to stand in for the Town Mayor.

It was explained that the Town Mayor had been unable to attend a particular event, at short notice.    The Town Clerk was on leave on this occasion, it was further  explained that it was a last minute call for a Past Town Mayor and that Cllr Grindell had been available, to attend at short notice.

Councillor Pearson had asked the Town Clerk to prepare a list of all Past Town Mayors, for information and this was noted.

The Town Clerk thanked Dr Brendan Laverty and Cllr Ms Joanne Townsend for their assistance on the day of the Freedom Parade.  It was noted that this had been a successful event and the Team at Broxtowe Borough Council were thanked for their hard work and for bringing the event to the Town.

Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                                       Document1:2
Page 3066


Member’s attention was brought to the event taking place to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Town Council on 7th October 2017 and Councillors were invited to support this Concert and recommend it to friends and family.

The Town Mayor’s Engagements were noted.

47/2018          Civic Report

The Civic Report was noted.

Members were advised that this information would be used when compiling the budget report, 2018/19.

48/2018          Town Centre Management Team (TCT)

The Town Clerk reported that she had not attended the last Meeting of the TCT and she was still concerned that so few business representatives were attending these Meetings.

It was noted that few businesses had made any attempt to take part in the Garden Competition for Town Centre Businesses.  The Town Clerk asked the Meeting to note that she was not surprised by this failure to become involved as the Town Council had previously tried to engage businesses in this promotion to no avail.

Councillor MacRae informed the Meeting that he had attended and agreed that only one Business was represented at this Meeting.  He reported that the Wifi project was now live in the Town centre.

49/2018         Neighbourhood Planning

The Meeting considered a draft of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan and following discussion agreed to accept the draft as presented at this Meeting and it was


RESOLVED: That the

  1. Draft Neighbourhood Plan be the basis of a set of documents for public consultation later in the Summer;


  1. maps and plans and minor changes to the text be delegated to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


  • application for funding be made to Locality and that subject to funding being available and that expenditure on fees etc relating to the public consultation process be agreed by the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Town Council, to be overseen by the Town Clerk as the RFO of the Town Council and held under a separate budget head: Neighbourhood Plan Expenditure and reported as per the payments schedule at each Town Council Meeting.




Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                                       Document1:3
Page 3067


R Darby, Mrs J C Goold and R MacRae declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan


50/2018          Update: Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan

Member’s attention was drawn to the Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan.  The consultation period for this document has been extended the Town Council will be discussing the document fully at its Meeting on 8thSeptember 2017.


Councillor Pearson advised Members to read the whole document, which is available on line at the Broxtowe Borough Council Web Site and there would be a hard copy in the Town Clerk’s Office.   Further, he kindly offered to list the most relevant pages for Stapleford for Members information and to assist them with their deliberations and that the Town Clerk would circulate this information prior to the next scheduled Meeting of the Town Council.


R Darby, Mrs A J Hull, Mrs J C Goold and Ms J Townend declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments.


51/2018          Allotments Report

The Allotments report was noted.

Councillor MacRae raised the issue of the alleged misuse of Bessell Lane by lorry drivers, once again, and it was noted that he had contacted a ‘Trucker’s’ Web site, advertising this area as a stopping point and had secured the removal of Bessell Lane from this web site.

The Town Clerk informed the Meeting that she is being inundated with complaints re the hedge at Ewe Lamb Lane and Bessell Lane allotment sites.  Members were aware of the situation and Councillor Mrs Goold felt very strongly that this issue was being blown out of all proportion.

It was noted that the Town Clerk was concerned with regard to the amount of her time being spent each year on this matter and that to some extent her hands were tied due to the Wildlife and Countryside Act and budgetary constraints.  If the hedges are to be cut more than once a year this would have an effect on the precept and/or allotment rents.  Another possibility would be to remove the boundary hedges and replace them with security fencing.   This was not a popular option and the loss of habitat for wild birds etc was seen as detrimental.

However, this option would need to be considered as part of the budgetary process, as while the cost off provision of such fencing was expensive it would result in a much reduced revenue cost re hedge cutting and would result in freeing the Town Clerk’s time and other officer time at both the County and Borough Councils.

Councillor MacRae informed the Meeting that he had been contacted by a resident whose property abutted onto Albany Allotments, who was concerned re the condition of the trees on his boundary with the Allotments.  It was noted that the Town Clerk would investigate this matter and it was noted that tree inspections would be taking place over the summer.

Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                                       Document1:4

52/2018          Police Issues In Stapleford

It was noted that the Town Clerk had invited Inspector Wragg to address this Meeting regarding Councillor McRae’s concerns.  However, due to the demands of the Service he was unable to attend this Meeting.

Inspector Wragg had intimated that he would attend a future Meeting of the Town Council and this item would remain on the Agenda for the time being.

53/2018          Highways Issues In Stapleford

This item was requested by Members at the last Meeting of the Town Council and following full and frank discussion the Town Clerk was asked to contact Nottinghamshire County Council to establish if and when a Traffic and Transport Working Party will be convened during the present Administration.

Further the Town Clerk was asked to contact Councillor John Cottee, together with Councillors: John Doddy and John Longdon with regard to very poor state of the roads in the Town and concerns relating to issues   re resident parking in various areas throughout the Town and the possibility of monies being made available to remove the ‘humps’ on Derby Road and replace them with more efficient and up-to-date traffic calming measures.

It was noted that Councillor MacRae had held a public meeting to discuss a number of issues relating to Pasture Road and that this event had been supported by a number of Town Councillors.

Following a suggestion from Councillor MacRae it was agreed that Councillors should send their comments/queries re the highways issues to the Leader of the Town Council, copying the Town Clerk.

54/2018         HS2 Phase 2b Route Announcement

It was noted by the Meeting that notification of the next round of consultation re the HS2 Phase 2b Route Announcement had been received. This item will remain on the Agenda for the next Meeting on 8th September 2017 and any comments collected at that stage for inclusion as part of the consultation.

55/2018          Correspondence

1360 ATC Invitation to Members and their Guests to the Annual Dinning In Evening:

29th September 2017, at the Village Hotel, Beeston. This item was noted.


Annual Borough Parish Meeting 27 July 2017 – The Town Clerk will report any pertinent matters not already covered in the Agenda for the Meeting. This item was noted.


Field Farm- Closure of Public Footpath – Councillor R MacRae had contacted the Town Council re this matter.  This item was noted and it was agreed that the public footpath should be re-opened at the earliest opportunity and Councillor MacRae undertook to maintain a watching brief on this matter.



Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                                       Document1:5

56/2018          Planning Applications

17/00416/FUL Site Portacabin

34 Church Street Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 8DJ


It was noted that Councillor Pearson had been approached by the applicant regarding this application, that he lived near the property in question and had spoken with local residents who had no objections to this application.


The installation of this portacabin would enable Sparkles Daycare to take eight extra children into its nursery care and Members were aware that there was a shortage of nursery places in the Town.  Further with the proposed housing developments in and adjacent to the Town there was a definite need for this type of provision.

It was understood that Sparkles Daycare had reached an agreement with the adjacent public house premises, the Old Cross, to utilise space in its car park for parents dropping off and collecting children.

Following discussion, it was agreed that there were no objections and fully supported this application.

17/00499/REM Construct 253 dwellings, including highway and drainage infrastructure and public open space

Land West of Toton Lane Stapleford Nottinghamshire

It was noted that this land was adjacent to the Parish Boundary.  However, the Town Council was a statutory consultee and that a development of this size could have significant impact on the Town once the properties were built.

It was further noted that the developers, who had submitted this application had addressed previous Administration at the time of applying for outline planning permission and that, that Administration had, in principle, not objected to the previous application.

Following full discussion of this application:

  1. Members were concerned at the lack of affordable housing proposed for the site.


  1. The probable impact of HS2 on this proposed development and the need for through roads to be carefully planned.


  • The desirability of ensuring that all existent footpaths and rights of way were preserved and improved were necessary and if there was a need to close/divert such footpaths when the development were underway that such footpaths were reinstated at the earliest opportunity.




Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                                       Document1:6


  1. The proposed sighting of a new primary school was noted. However, the Meeting was concerned that given the number of proposed 4/5-bedroom properties, in this proposed development, there was a probable need for expansion of the secondary sector to serve this area.


  1. In principle the Town Council had no objections to this application. However, it would wish to see its comments, above, taken into consideration by Broxtowe Borough Council when that Authority came to consider this application.

Councillor Mrs Goold asked for a recorded vote, given the importance of this application and this was agreed.


Upon a vote: in principle, the Town Council had no objections to this application. However, it asked Broxtowe Borough Council to look carefully at the through road construction on the development, in light of HS2, the protection of the existing footpaths and rights of way and the allocation of affordable housing on the site.


The recorded vote was as follows: In favour: Cllrs: R Darby, Mrs J Goold, D Grindell, Mrs A J Hull,

B Hull, P Ensor, Mrs S Ensor, D Pearson and Mrs S Roome (9)


No objections: (0)


Abstentions: Cllrs: B Browne and R MacRae (2)

57/2018          Payments

Payments were noted.

58/2018          Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Town Council was scheduled to take place on Friday, 8th September 2017 commencing at 7.00p.m.

Members were asked to note that while the advertised time of the scheduled Meeting was 7.30p.m., due to the Garden Competition Awards being scheduled for 6.00p.m. following informal discussions with the Town Mayor she had pulled the time back to usual time of 7.00p.m. to assist with the flow of the evening.

Meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.


Signed ……………………………………………  Date ……………………

Town Council 8.09.17                                                                   Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                                      Document2:1





          August 2017 

Saturday, 5th August @



Bramcote and Stapleford Conservative Club Stapleford

Town Mayor & Escort
Thursday, 10th August @1.00p.m. (event runs 12noon-4.00p.m.) Stapleford Play Day

Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground

Town Mayor &Escort
Friday, 11th August @ 10.30a.m. for 11.00a.m. Shop Opening

At Euronics Derby Road, Stapleford

Town Mayor
Saturday, 26th August @ 3.00p.m. Fundraiser, Bramcote with Stan Heptinstall Town Mayor
Monday, 28th August @ 12Noon Stapleford Town Football Club Fundraiser

The Magpie Public House


Town Mayor


          September   2017

Saturday, 2nd September @ 12Noon Stapleford Carnival

Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground


Town Mayor & Escort
Friday, 8thSeptember @ 6.00p.m. for 6.30p.m. Garden Competition Awards

Carnegie Centre

Town Mayor
Saturday, 9th September @10.00a.m.-12noon Heritage Open Day

St Helen’s Parish Church ,


Town Mayor
Wednesday, 13th September @ 10.00a.m.-2.00p.m. Stapleford Job’s Fair

Carnegie Centre


Town Mayor
Friday 29th September @ 6.30p.m. for 7.00p.m. Annual 1360 (Stapleford & Sandiacre) Squadron Dining-in Night

Village Hotel, Beeston

Town Mayor & Escort

Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                           Document2:2


            October 2017


Saturday, 7th October @ 7.30p.m. Anniversary Concert with the Newark & Sherwood Concert Band

St Helen’s Parish Church,


Town Mayor
Saturday, 21st October @ 1.00p.m.-4.00p.m. Dig In Autumn Harvest

Albany Allotments

Town Mayor & Escort



          November   2017

Saturday, 11th November @ 10.45p.m. Remembering the 11thHour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

Walter Parker VC Square

Town Mayor
Sunday 12th November @ 10.45a.m. Remembrance Sunday Service

Walter Parker VC Square

Town Mayor




Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                           Document 3:1

Web Site

Report of the Town Clerk


  • Introduction


The Town Council instructed the creation of a Web Site in 2009.  This matter was fully discussed by the Town Council and the cost of this project was met from the Regeneration Budget Head.

            2          History

The remit of the web site was to serve the Town Council as an information portal with a news page offering information re the activities of the Town Mayor, Town Council events etc.

It was also agreed that a community’s page, with community organisation details would be maintained, as and when there was time; information pages re: Councillors, Mayor’s Engagements etc and Minutes and Agenda uploaded again as when there was time.  It had also been intended to maintain a photograph gallery; unfortunately, there was insufficient time allocated to the project to enable the establishment of such a gallery.

The Town Clerk was tasked with writing copy, selecting appropriate photographs, and ensuring that the information posted was appropriate.  However, no extra time was allocated to enable this process and it was agreed that the maximum amount of time to be allocated from the Town Clerk’s working week would be no greater than two hours.

The Town Council’s Web Site is not a Community Web Site or an advertising web site. It serves to inform re Town Council matters and areas associated with the Town Council.

            3          Posting/Uploading

Training was undertaken by both the Town Clerk and her Assistant re posting on the site.  However, it was apparent that the time necessary to post items was not a good use of the Town Clerk’s time. It was envisaged that the Town Clerk would produce the material to be posted onto the site while the Administrative Assistant would be paid for an extra two hours per week to enter the material and ensure that the web site was kept up to date. Following staff illness and changes to the posting/uploading process, Broxtowe Borough Council took over posting duties and such tasks are now carried out through Horlix Ltd.  The Site is hosted through Broxtowe Borough Council and the Town Council is charged for this service with the posting charges being billed separately.  Please note also that as the Administrative Assistant no longer has any responsibilities for the Web Site all updating has to be undertaken by the Town Clerk as and when the time is available.

The site is covered by Broxtowe Borough Council’s security through the hosting process and is available for viewing by brail readers.

It should be noted that uploading the information to the web site is a very time consuming process and the time taken each week is dependent upon the number of items to be posted and deleted.


Town Council 8.09.17                                                                                           Document 3:2

            4          Web Site 2017

Councillor MacRae has continually expressed his dislike of the web site and the information contained therein and has requested that the Town Council look at renewing its design and content.   He has contacted the Leader of the Town Council requesting that the Town Council establishes a Working Party to look into designing a new web site and engaging a private company, to undertake the design and management of the Web Site.

            5          Conclusion

The Town Council is asked to either:

Agree or disagree to establish a Working Party to discuss the design and management of a new Web Site and to report back to a future Meeting of the Town Council with its findings.  Should the Town Council be mindful to establish a Working Party, it should ensure representation from across the Town Council.