Town Council Meeting Agenda 27/07/2018

AGENDA 27.7.18

  1. Apologies for absence

(The Town Clerk will report any apologies for absence she has received in writing prior to the start of the meeting.)

  1. Declarations of interest

(Members will be invited to declare any interests they may have on any item to be
discussed at the meeting. They will also be advised that should it become apparent to any
Member during the meeting that they do have an interest in a particular item they should alert the Chair and the Town Clerk immediately.)

  1. Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 22 June 2018
  2. Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council
  3. Mayor’s Engagements
  4. Section 137 Request – NONE
  5. Neighbourhood Planning – Presentation by Ken Mafham
    (supporting documents have been emailed to Members)
  6. Allotments Report (Dig In)

(This item is placed on the Agenda for Members information)

  1. Meet Your Councillor – verbal update Councillor M Hull
  2. Traffic and Highways Issues in Stapleford – Update Steering group

(This item is maintained on the Agenda for Members information)


  1. GDPR update – verbal – Town Clerk
  2. Nottinghamshire County Council decision to abolish Broxtowe Borough Council.
  3. Correspondence – none

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  1. Planning Applications
NONE Click here to see application details on website
  1. Payments (To note the payment schedule.)
  2. Date of next meeting.

The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on 7th September 2018 at 7.30 pm.

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Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 1:1

Page 3116

Annual Town Council

Meeting held on 22ND JUNE 2018

Present Councillors:

Cllr R Browne Cllr B Hull Cllr R MacRae Cllr Mrs S Roome

Cllr R Darby Cllr D Grindell Cllr D Pearson Cllr Mrs A Hull

Cllr J Longdon Cllr C Rice Cllr C Bollen Cllr J Goold


17/2019 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absences were received from Councillors:

P Ensor Mrs S Ensor I Lawton A Britton J Townend J McGrath


Declarations of interest

Councillors: R Darby, Mrs J Goold, J Longdon, C Rice and R MacRae declared an interest in any discussion relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillors: R Darby, J Goold, B Hull, A Hull and declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments


Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 6th April 2018

The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 April 2018 were approved and signed.


Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 18th May 2018

The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on Minutes of the Meeting held on 18 May 2018 were approved and signed.

21/2019 Request(s) Made By Any Member of The Public to address the Town Council

There were no Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council


Mayor’s Engagements

The Town Mayor reported that he had attended the Allotments Panel Meeting. He thanked the Deputy Town Mayor for attending the Hemlock Happening and for

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 1:2

Page 3117

22/2019 contd…

substituting for him. Further he apologised in advance as he could not attend the Armed Forces coffee morning.

The Meeting was asked to note the Gardening Competition was underway and Members were encouraged to promote this event.

Members were also asked to note that tickets were now available for The Poppy Prom.

23/2019 Section 137 Request

The Chair introduced the report and asked for comments.

Councillor Pearson said the report stated the defibrillator was inside the building. The Clerk advised him that this was an error and Pegasus had confirmed that it was on the outside of the building.

The Clerk advised that Pegasus had received £300 in December 2017 for equipment and said that while it was unusual to award further funding so soon, it was stressed that these are exceptional circumstances regarding the purchase of a community defibrillator as it was not just for club use but also available for the general community. Following discussion it was proposed by Councillor McRae proposed and seconded by Councillor Grindell that £300 be allocated from Section 137 Budget Head for this project.

24/2019 Neighbourhood Planning

It was agreed that the previous Town Clerk be asked to report regarding this matter.

It was reported that while the Neighbourhood Plan had now reached draft stage and in the opinion of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was ready to go to next stage of consultation, Broxtowe Borough Council had offered to read and comment regarding its format and content etc prior to going out to full consultation.

Should the Town Council be mindful to take up this offer any comments made by Broxtowe Borough Council would need to be discussed by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and then the comments of both Broxtowe Borough Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, if any, would need to be submitted to the Town Council for final discussion.

Following discussion, it was agreed that the draft Neighbourhood Plan, as stands, should be sent to Broxtowe Borough Council with the proviso that comments should be returned with a two-week deadline for a response. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would meet to discuss comments, if any, from Broxtowe Borough Council prior to the next scheduled Town Council on 27 July 2018 when a full report would be made.

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 1:3

Page 3118

24/2019 Neighbourhood Planning cont…

Following discussion, it was agreed that the Town Clerk would send the draft Neighbourhood Plan to Broxtowe Borough Council informing it of the 2-week deadline and organise a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting* and ensure that the matter is reported to the Town Council.

*all Town Councillors on the Steering Group would be informed of the date of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting and be invited to attend. It was agreed that Councillor Pearson will take the minutes at these meetings and the Town Clerk would not be involved .


25/2019 Allotments Report

The Town Clerk reminded Councillors that only plotholders should be on the sites and if plotholders take on guests they should not go to any other plot.

It was noted that the Clerk was the only person authorised to inspect sites.

Further it was noted that the Town Clerk had undertaken an allotment inspection and works as required were instructed.

Allotments Panel had met and a feasibility study had been requested to investigate the possibility of strimming, ploughing then planting with clover to supress weeds.

It was also requested that more regular inspections were carried out, but the Town Clerk reminded the Meeting that the Town Council previously instructed the Town Clerk to reduce the number of inspections as they did not consider it good use of the clerk’s time.

25/2019 Meet Your Councillor

The Chair introduced the report and asked for comments.

Cllr M Hull explained that it was her idea was these meetings would take place every eight weeks for example. The dates could go on the website and be accessible for all. It was about all the Councillors working together and it was a non-party political event.

A discussion was held and it was agreed that a trial for these meetings was should be undertaken.

The Town Clerk was asked to email out for attendees for the first meeting on Thursday 19th July 11.30 -12.30


Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 1:4

Page 3119

26/2019 Request For Working Parties

Members considered the report of the Town Clerk and following discussion, it was agreed that :

  1. These meetings would NOT be clerked or serviced by the Town Clerk
  2. Both working parties would continue.
  3. That members attending will need to organise such meetings themselves i.e. inviting attendees, drawing up agendas, and reporting back to Town Council which would then decide whether further action should be taken and instruct the Town Clerk appropriately.
  4. Such a casual meeting could not speak on behalf of the Town Council prior to discussion.
  5. It would be a good idea to hold the Traffic and Transport meetings following the CAT Meetings. It was agreed that Councillor Macrae would let the Clerk know the dates of the CAT meetings, so they can be added to the website and the Town Clerk to then invite the members of the Town Council on this occasion.


27/2019 Traffic and Highways Issues in Stapleford.

A discussion was held regarding road safety issues on Derby Road, Stapleford, following a recent fatality.

Councillor Longdon informed the meeting that he had previously discussed the issues relating to the ‘road humps’ with Nottingham County Council however due to the recent fatality this was not be the appropriate time to examine the issues affecting the road calming measures.

Following discussion, it was noted that Nottingham County Council were unlikely to act on this matter until the official police report regarding this fatality was published and a number of members suggested waiting for the outcome of this police report before taking further action.

However, others did not agree, and it was proposed by my Councillor M Hull, and seconded by Councillor McRae that the Town Clerk write to Notts County Council and asks for a 20-mph restriction on Stapleford Derby Road.

It was recognised that is it these are casual meetings and will be reported back to the Town Council meetings.

Cllr M Hull stated that the Traffic and Transport agenda item was for specific areas only for example road humps. Any items to be raised at the Town Council meeting councillors must provide information prior to the meeting to put as a specific item on the agenda.

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 1:5

Page 3120

28/2019 Correspondence

HS2 Engagement Events Notification of Engagement Events were noted.



Broxtowe Borough Council: GDPR information leaflets. It was noted that an invitation had been issued to the officer responsible for GDPR matters but he was unavailable to attend Friday evening meetings. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Town Clerk should invite the officer involved from Broxtowe Borough Council to come to talk to members when he is available.

Members would receive copies of the information by email.

27/2019 Planning Applications

Councillor D Pearson declared a non-pecuniary interest in planning Ref 18/00328/FUL as he knew the applicant in a personal capacity.

Members were previously sent the information as printed on the agenda.

However, it was noted that planning application ref 18/00288/FUL was not available on the Broxtowe Borough Council Web Site. It was agreed that the Clerk is to write to Broxtowe Council to complain.

REF 18/00328/FUL Mill Farm, 62 Mill Road, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 8GD

Members had no real objections regarding this application. They were concerned that there could be a future application with regards of change to use to permanent residential accommodation. It was noted that the Town Council was not in favour of development on the green belt.

Ref 18/00308/FUL Former Dyeworks ~Site, West End Street, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7DA

Members considered this application and following discussion had no objection to this proposal

Ref 18/00288/FUL 242,244,248,250,-254 Derby Road , Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7BG

Not available on the Broxtowe Borough Council Web Site.

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 1:6

Page 3121

30/2019 Appointment of Responsible Financial Officer

The Town Council confirmed the appointment of the Town Clerk as the Town Council’s Responsible Financial Officer.

31/2019 Risk Assessments

Town Clerk reported that these are in place and they are noted.

32/2019 Annual Governance Statement 2017/18

The Town Clerk read this document out to the members and it was noted.

33/2019 Accounting Statement

The Town Clerk read this document out to the members and it was noted.

34/2019 Payments

Prior to this item being noted, the members requested that the payment schedule be issued to them at the start of the meeting.

Cllr Pearson asked the former Town Clerk for an update regarding the Locality grant as funds were still showing on the payment sheet.

She explained that the final report would be submitted to Locality prior to her departure from the Town Council and any monies remaining would be returned to Locality. If necessary, the Current Town Clerk would need to re- apply for funding.

It was agreed to email a copy of the April Sch. to Councillors Pearson and Grindell.

35/2019 Date of next meeting

The next meeting was arranged to take place on Friday, 27th July 2018, commencing at 7.00p.m. at the Carnegie Centre.

Meeting closed: 9.05p.m.

Signed …………………………………………… Date ………………………………….

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 2:1

Page 3122



July 2018

Dig in 1 – 4 Dig in Deputy Town Mayor
Tuesday, 10th July @ 6.00p.m. CAB AGM

Broxtowe Borough Council offices

Town Mayor
Evenings Wednesday 18th & Thursday, 19th July Judging Garden Competition Town Mayor & Escort
Thursday, 26th July 2018

@ 7.00p.m.

Annual Brough/Parish/Town Council Meeting –

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Town Mayor

August 2018

Thursday 9th August from 12pm – 4pm Stapleford Play ~Day Town Mayor & Escort
Saturday 18th August @ 1.30p.m. SDGHA Annual Show

Bramcote & Stapleford Conservative Club

Town Mayor

September 2018

Friday, 7th September @ 6.15p.m. for 6.30p.m. Stapleford Town Council Garden Competition Awards Town Mayor

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 2:2

Page 3123


Saturday, 8th September


@7.00p.m.for 7.30p.m.

Reopening of the old church tower

Stapleford Town Council Official Commemoration of the 100TH Anniversary of the end of the First World War

St Helen’s Parish Church, Stapleford

Town Mayor

Town Mayor& Escort

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 3:1

Page 3124

Minutes of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group; Wednesday 11th June 2018

Present:- Heather Domleo; Ken Mafham; Richard Macrae; David Grindell; Simon Frost; Chris Rice; Dave Pearson

Apologies:- Mandy Hull; Bob Browne; Teresa Needham; Sue Roome

It was agreed that the best way forward was for KM to give an update to the meeting as to where we were and what now needed to be done.

The final plan was now completed (including the Field Farm brief) and subject to the Group’s approval was ready to be submitted to Town Council meeting on 27th July.

Once the Town Council had approved the plan, it needed to be sent out to the lists of consultees as supplied by Broxtowe. There was no need to send it out to further public consultation but any member of the public had a right to see it on request. The consultation will not go out to all landowners as Broxtowe had refused to supply the addresses. May be an idea to place copy in Library; Health Centre etc. This consultation period needed to be 6 weeks.

KM then may need to make comments once this has been done and two further documents need to be produced.

  1. Statement of Consultation
  2. Basic Conditions Document

Some discussion followed on these; particularly in regard to the fact that parts of the Neighbourhood Plan do not align with Broxtowe’s Local Plan Part 2. With regard this it was concluded Broxtowe had not consulted with other authorities regarding ‘taking up the slack’; had not sufficiently explored possible brownfield sites; or considered increased density on present proposed developments.

Regarding the Field Farm Brief it was felt that this was the best compromise in view of the fact that it is contained in the Core Strategy.

Once this has all been done it will then need to be submitted to Broxtowe; who will retain for 6 weeks and then should contact the Inspector. (note; Broxtowe have no power of veto). There will probably a report around January 2019 with a view to referendum around March (it was suggested that we try to aim for a bit earlier in view of elections in May 2019.

The steering group were unanimous in recommending that the Town Council approved this final draft.

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 4:1

Page 3125

Dig In Annual Report

March 2017 to February 2018


This has been a busy year for Dig In as we have been able to develop our work via funding from The Big Lottery. This reporting period overlaps two year-long grants, through Awards For All. We thank the Big Lottery, without which much of the following activity could not have taken place.

Volunteering at Dig In

Management Committee

The management committee meet about every 6 weeks to discuss the planning and delivery of all activities, funding, promotion and development of Dig In. The meetings are open and all volunteers are invited to attend. The committee needs a broad mix of skills and abilities and new members are welcome. The committee for 2017-18 comprised:

David Gell (Chair)

Sarah Martindale (Secretary)

Helen Turner (Treasurer)

Debbie Blake

Liz Ward

Jim Cragg

Roy Oldershaw

Kathy Holmes

Tracey Lloyd

Jill Carter

Brian Hull (Stapleford Town Council representative)

Claire Swain

Volunteer Sessions

Dig In runs volunteer sessions from 10-12 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In 2017-18 there were 102 of these, with a total of just over 1500 volunteer-hours worked. Volunteers at these sessions take part in a wide variety of gardening activities, from seed-sowing to weeding, and much of the work to prepare for events is done in volunteers session time. We had an average of 7 volunteers per session, and most volunteers carry on coming right through the winter. Dig In has a core of around 20 ‘regular’ volunteers, coming weekly or once every couple of weeks, plus around the same number who we see more occasionally. Many volunteers come for the social aspect of volunteering, to get out in the fresh air, as well as the interest in gardening and ‘giving something back’ to society. Several volunteers also come outside of volunteer sessions, to water, or to do specific garden or maintenance tasks, adding up to 140 volunteer hours. To celebrate volunteering at Dig In we had a Bonfire Party in November and a Fuddle in December.

We had two work-parties this year, M&S Chilwell in June, and Cooper Parry Accountants in September. Business work-parties are very useful to get some of the bigger jobs finished off, such as work on the fruit cage, and the polytunnel floor.

Produce Distribution

In 2016 Dig In began a new activity – sharing gluts of vegetables with local families. Karen, the sessional worker, often with volunteer Liz, started taking a wheelbarrow of produce down to Albany Infants and Nursery School to give out free to parents and children. In 2017 to 18 they did 10 sessions, through March, April, May, July, September and November.

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 4:2

Page 3126

In total we gave away: 47 bags lettuce/salad; 45 bags kale; 42 bags rocket; 25 bags runner beans; 11 bags watercress; 6 bags spinach beet; 12 little bags grapes; 3 bags stirfry mix; 15 tubs of peashoots; approximately 50 sticks celery; 12 cucumbers; some giant spring onions; and bunches of mini-carrots. Plus we had some lovely chats with parents and children!


Over the year, Dig In’s sessional worker and volunteers ran five ‘outreach’ sessions in the local community. In June and July our Wednesday volunteers returned to Montrose Court to work with Stapleford Community Centre to ‘blitz’ overgrown flower beds. Also in July Karen worked with pupils and staff at Albany Infants and Nursery School to create a ‘Bug Hotel’ for the school grounds. In November Karen and volunteer Martin did a crocus-planting session with Pegasus Youth Football Team in Pasture Road Recreation Ground, involving 15 children aged 6 to 16 and 5 adults. In January Karen and volunteer Helen were back at Albany Infants and Nursery School to renovate their much-loved willow tunnel with a small group of children.

School and Group Visits

It has been a great year for our work with schools and groups. From April to July we had 14 visits from our three local schools: Albany Infants and Nursery, Albany Juniors, and Wadsworth Fields Primary. They did activities such as pond-dipping, mini-beast hunting, garden treasure trails, digging, and gardening. We also had 4 visits from local Beaver, Rainbow and Brownie groups, plus visits from Inspire and Nottingham College, who brought classes of students with learning disabilities.

In September to November we had 9 visits from the schools and 2 youth group visits, all doing apple chopping and pressing, tasting or veg, and an autumn treasure trail or digging.

We also supported Stapleford Childminders who have taken over the raised beds previously used by Sandiacre Childminders. Total visits for the year to were 33, with 626 children and 184 adults.

Events and Workshops

Summer Celebration – July

I can do no better than to quote two of the volunteer team who ran the event: “What a brilliant Summer Event today at Dig In! Lots of family activities and the cream teas and cakes went down really well! Fab effort by the Dig In ‘team’ to set up, run and then clear away! Excellent day!” “Hi folks, I’ve finally had time to tot up the donations from our event last Saturday. The total was just over £260. I thought the day went well and overheard someone saying that the cakes were always good at Dig In events, so just thought I’d pass that on!”

Autumn Event – October

As our Chair David wrote afterwards: “On an extremely windy day when many other events were cancelled, Dig In had around 150 visitors, with donations of £330. A core of regular, loyal visitors who come to nearly every Dig In public event year on year reflects the fact that we are gaining confidence and respect with the general public by offering a good number of diverse activities for all the family to join in, along with a great choice of tasty food and refreshments, all at extremely good value.”

Wreaths Workshop

In December Kathy ran her popular winter wreath workshop, using willow we grew at Dig In plus a range of natural materials. The workshop was attended by 14 adults and 2 children, including 3 participants with learning disabilities and 2 with physical disabilities.

Cookery Workshops

It was good to revisit cooking at Dig In in May to July 2017. Seven Cookery Workshops funded by Awards For All were run by Liz Short & Farah Jamil through Pulp Friction. The workshops were

Town Council: 22.07.18 Document 4:3

Page 3127

attended by a total of 39 participants, some with physical disabilities, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and aged from 6 to 70’s. All enjoyed them & learnt new techniques, including what to make with the produce grown at Dig In & had recipe cards to take away with them.

Other Community Activities In April representatives from Long Eaton Community Allotment came for advice and to look around. We donated some fruit bushes to their garden. We also donated fruit bushes to Fernwood Primary School.

In August Dig In took part in the Stapleford and District Horticultural Show. Dig In has become more involved with this, helping to set up a new children’s competition and publicising to schools and groups. Our Grapes came 1st, a cucumber 3rd and a huge carrot (from the Stapleford Childminder plot!) was 3rd in the children’s competition.

Dig In volunteers organised a sponsored walk/bike ride on Sunday 17th September. The ride was 20 miles and the walk 5 miles. The volunteers who took part had a great afternoon and raised £335. Raising money through events such as this and our open days is an important part of Dig In’s work.