Town Council Meeting Minutes 09/08/2018

Town Council 7.9.18. Document 2:1

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Minutes 9.8.18 to review Neighbourhood Planning

52/2019 Present Councillors:

Cllr R Browne Cllr R MacRae Cllr Mrs S Roome Cllr R Darby

Cllr D Pearson Cllr Mrs A Hull Cllr C Rice Cllr Britton

Cllr B Hull Cllr J Goold

53/2019 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from:-

Councillor P Ensor, Councillor S Ensor, Councillor D Grindell,

Councillor J McGrath

54/2019 Declarations of interest

Councillors: R Darby, Mrs J Goold, J Longdon, C Rice and R MacRae declared an interest in any discussion relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillors C Rice, J Longdon declared an interest in any discussion relating to Nottingham County Council by dint of their status as a serving Councillors on Nottingham County Council.

55/2019 Review of Neighbourhood Planning

T Needham (TN) was invited to speak as she has done a lot of work for the Neighbourhood Plan .

Her responses to the email from Stefan Saunders (SS) were as follows:-


I have had now had a more detailed look through your draft and my comments focus on the fundamental issues with the plan which mainly relate to housing policies. In terms of overall numbers I see that your plan proposes a housing figure of approximately 500 homes which includes the homes proposed at Field Farm with planning permission already granted for 450 homes. These leaves a further 50 homes (approximately) within the town boundary until 2028 which averages out at an additional 5 homes a year.

Town Council 7.9.18. Document 2:2

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Contd……..Review of Neighbourhood Planning

Ken Mafham has asked Steffan to clarify why the 450 dwellings on the Fields Farm site are not admissible in our NP quota.

55/2019 contd…. Review of Neighbourhood Planning

There is no mention of point 6.9 in our plan where we say that we expect there to be in excess of 100 additional dwellings built due to brown field sites becoming available. This is based on the 148+ dwellings that have been built on brown field sites in Stapleford since the 2011 census.


This figure is considered to be too low and could be seen as amounting to a development blocking policy which is contrary to Policy 2 of the Broxtowe Aligned Core Strategy, which requires the focus for new housing to be within the main built up area of Nottingham including Stapleford.


This is not development blocking, there is a finite amount of space in Stapleford! We have actively looked for suitable sites in Stapleford and made the difficult decision to put Sisley Avenue forward as a potential site for development (As this met more of the criteria of the Sustainability appraisal that the Field Farm site ) but this faced a huge amount of opposition.

In addition to this policy 6 of the Core Strategy identifies Stapleford as a town centre in need of further protection and inward investment. One of the best ways of securing an increase in inward investment (and reducing vacancy rates) will be to encourage the provision of new homes on the basis that new residents will contribute to the economic wellbeing of the town centre. A figure of 500 is therefore considered to be a missed opportunity.


The distance between the Coventry Lane site and the town centre means that it is unlikely that new residents would contribute significantly to the town centre economy. The Supermarket and shopping centre in Wollaton are closer than Stapleford town centre.

I note your plan proposes the Broxtowe housing allocation on land west of Coventry Lane is retained in the Green Belt. This is contrary to Policy 2 of the Core Strategy and is stark conflict with the proposed housing allocation in the Broxtowe Part 2 Local Plan. The Broxtowe allocation follows a Green Belt review,

Town Council 7.9.18. Document 2:3

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55/2019 contd…. Review of Neighbourhood Planning


I looked in detail at the green belt review and found it to be flawed. The assessment stated that there would be two adjoining settlements to the Coventry lane site. In fact Stapleford Hill would form one boundary and a yet to be built spur off the fields Farm site would be the other. There are also other ambiguous statements in the assessment which I can provide details of if needed.


design review, public workshop,


The public workshop was biased as it was based on the assumption that development had been agreed.


sustainability appraisal

The sustainability appraisal states that sites should be built that make the most of existing infrastructure, there are currently no public transport links to that site. It also states they should not be isolated communities. This would be unless a wildlife corridor (details of which are in Broxtowe’s green infrastructure document) which contains a brook, mature woodland and grassland is significantly broken. The brook would also need to be culverted.


and infrastructure delivery analysis. It is a sustainable and deliverable site for housing and therefore this reference in your neighbourhood plan should be removed.


I also think on a more positive note, that your plan may have more to say about the opportunities that HS2 will bring to the town. Erewash are positioning Long Eaton as the Southern gateway to the HS2 Station. It would be an excellent addition to your Plan to promote Stapleford as the ‘northern gateway.’ There could be commentary and policies for the improvement of Bessell Lane, for access improvements to Derby Road,



We already have traffic concerns about Derby road so have not included road access to this site. Cycle and pedestrian access is preferred. To create a “Northern gateway” as suggested by Steffan would require the use of land currently used as residential housing, but not currently a safeguarded area so no guarantee of home owners being adequately compensated. We have

Town Council 7.9.18. Document 2:4

Page 3130

55/2019 contd… Review of Neighbourhood Planning

highlighted this area for potential development. The sustainability appraisal describes Derby road as “heavily trafficked”.


Councillor Pearson said that T Needham put the case very well.

He added that:-

Steffan Saunders would not give a figure for the housing

Where they want to build is not helping Stapleford community

The public workshops were selected people NOT public and notes not circulated.

Stapleford Town Neighbourhood Plan does not have to agree with the Broxtowe Borough Council local plan.

The 2 parcels of land off Coventry Lane are owned one by McCann’s and one by Broxtowe Borough Council

He summarised that whilst Steffan Saunders put together we were not told that it was to be used for the Neighbourhood Plan

Councillor MacRae gave his thanks to T Needham.

He added that :-

  • We have been ignored by Broxtowe Borough Council
  • SS never came to any meetings
  • SS relied late to any correspondence
  • SS was helping Trowell and Nuthall
  • SS was wrong about the housing proposal
  • The members had not been given the correct information by the previous Town Clerk – if we had included all of Stapleford not just the Parish, we would have been eligible for 25% of the Section 106 money which would have equated to millions.
  • Stapleford are missing out on a big opportunity, but it is too late now.
  • Our plan should not have to fit the Broxtowe Borough Council Plan.

Councillor A Hull gave a big thank you to everyone, especially Teresa Needham

Councillor Darby said we had to be careful as Broxtowe Borough Council do have a lot of wriggle room.

Councillor Britton said it was a really good Plan

Councillor A Hull said we never got an amount of houses that had to be built.

Councillor Pearson said There was 6,150 for all of Broxtowe. It wasn’t broken down into individual towns as it was classified under ‘Main Built Up Area’

Councillor Darby said it would be fairer if Broxtowe Borough Council made a compulsory purchase on all green belt land and then sell to developer’s subject to planning approval.

Town Council 7.9.18. Document 2:5

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55/2019 contd…. Review of Neighbourhood Planning

A proposal was made by Councillor Pearson that we were happy with the Neighbourhood Plan to include Moults Yard

This was seconded by Councillor McGrath

Vote was unanimously in favour.

Councillor Pearson proposed that we keep the Trowell land in the proposal as it was, but mark it as advisory as suggested by K. Mafham and send out to all consultees seconded by Councillor Rice. Vote unanimously in favour.

Councillor Pearson advised that the Neighbourhood Plan for Broxtowe Borough Council has been submitted today.

The meeting finished at 19.08.

56/2019 Date of next meeting.

The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on 7th September 2018 at 7.00 pm.